Hello World!!

Hello World!! Do you want to know how to do a revolution? Come to TamilNadu!!

Initially police were invited to ensure that the students doesn’t cause any damage or disturbance to public.. But, after seeing the way our boys are doing the revolution, Police Joined hands with boys and now the boys are sharing responsibilities with Police. That is the power of our boys!! The discipline shown by the boys is great!!

Also, I would like to thank the politicians for not caring about TamilNadu so far.. That sense, of being ignored, has brought all of us together and shown the world who we are and what we can do and how we can do!! Now the politicians are scared !! Some politicians are attempting to do some protest just for the sake of saying “Yes!! We too raised our voice against the ban on Jallikkattu..”

Now that the world knows what we can do, we just need one true leader who can guide this youth force in the right direction!! Kalaam Sir!! Miss you more now!!

Salute to the boys!!


தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா!! தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா!!

இந்த புரட்சியை தமிழ்ல வாழ்த்தினா தான் சிறப்பு!!

ஒரு அமைதிப்புரட்சி!! யாருக்கும் எந்த ஒரு தொந்தரவும் இல்லாம போராட்டம் நடத்துற ஒரு கண்ணியம்!! நீங்க என்ன சொன்னாலும் நாங்க நம்ப மாட்டோம்.. நடத்தி காட்டுங்க நம்புறோம்னு சொல்ற உறுதி!! அரசியல்வியாதிகளை அண்ட விடாமல் செய்த தன்னம்பிக்கை!!

ஜல்லிக்கட்டுக்கு ஆதரவாக ஆரம்பித்து இப்போது அது வெளிநாட்டு பானங்களை எதிர்க்கவும் செய்கிறது!!

நானும் ரொம்ப நாளா பாத்துட்டு தான் இருக்கேன்! எப்பவுமே தமிழ்நாட்டுல எந்த ஒரு பிரச்சனை வந்தாலும், நாலு நாள் கழிச்சி தான் வடஇந்திய தொலைக்காட்சிகளுக்கு சொரணையே வருது. இதை பத்தி வேற ஒரு வலைப்பதிவுல பாக்கலாம்!! நீங்க ஒரு **உம் புடுங்க வேணாம்னு சொல்லி அவங்கள விரட்டி விட்டு இருந்தா செம்மையா இருந்து இருக்கும் !!

ரொம்ப மகிழ்ச்சியா இருக்கு!! தமிழன்னு சொல்லி பெருமைப்பட இன்னொரு காரணம் கொடுத்த எங்கள் மாணவர்களுக்கு நன்றி!! நன்றி!! நன்றி!!

இதுக்கு ஆதரவு கொடுக்குற காவல் துறைக்கு நன்றி!!



(Yeah!!! A long one..)

One of THE traditional sports of TamilNadu..

To explain in short, People will train bulls (from the time they were calves) for Jallikattu. The bulls will be allowed to run from a particular place. And people will attempt to catch it. If a person can hold the bull and run for a particular distance or time, then the person will be declared the winner. If nobody could, the bull will be the winner. These bulls will be used for breeding. Basically, Jallikkattu is the process of identifying cows which are stronger. And the next generation calves will be stronger and healthier as well.

Initially, this sport might have played for fun. Later, people started associating this with Pride. ie. The more confidence the owner has on his bull, the more prize they declare for the person who can win the bull. Sometimes, the owners may even give their daughters for marriage as a winning gift for the person who can win the bull. And some people take this as an opportunity to take revenge on the owner of the bull. By winning the bull, they feel like they destroyed the pride of the owner and defeated him.

When pride is involved, people will do whatever it takes to retain it. So, there may be cases where the owners give liquor/alcohol to the bulls so that they will become even more uncontrollable. Yes.. This is not a safe sport. The bulls may try to attack the people and people may get hurt. It might lead to people’s death also.

This is not a sport that was introduced a few hundred years earlier. This was being played for thousands of years. And, this is part of our Tamil culture.

Since the past 10-15 years, the animal activists say that as people are getting hurt and bulls are mistreated, they want to ban Jallikkattu. To me this seemed to be for a good cause and so I liked the ban. But, it will till I didn’t know the other side of the story..

Now the other side:

Some animal welfare organizations are imposing a ban on Jallikkattu. If the animals are their main concern, why don’t they bring a ban on Non-vegetarian food? Cows, Goats, Chicken gets killed in millions a day, all over the world.. And somewhere I heard that, when people kill animals, they’ll make the other animals to watch it. Because, this will bring fear into them and that produces some hormones in those animals. These hormones seems to improve the taste of the meat. As there is no ban on non-veg food, there should definitely be some other reason behind it..

In India, there may not be any house that doesn’t consume any of dairy products. Coffee/tea/milk/curd/butter milk/ghee/butter.. So, there is a huge market for milk in here. Market is a good place to make money. Money attracts people. And there comes some western countries who wants to make money. India has a good number of cows and they are strong. So, how can the western countries enter our market when we are self sufficient with the cows??

So, this is their analysis. List down the uses of cows. Agriculture, Milk, Jallikkattu and for food (beef). And cow dung is used as fertilizers.

Hindus worship cow as god and it is a devotional animal. Also, people consider cows as another mother for children. But, people in some other countries eat beef. Even today, if you see, 99% of the Hindus won’t eat beef. But, India having people from different cultures, they started introducing beef and some people export beef to other countries. For beef, they need cows. And they have to capture our milk market also. What they have to do? They have to minimize the use for cows.

The remaining are Agriculture, Milk and Jallikkattu.

They introduced Tractors in Agriculture. Tractors made the job of farmer easier, faster and cost effective. Also, with the invent of chemical fertilizers, cow dung is not used much in the agriculture. Now, farmers being not that rich in India, they didn’t find much use for the cows.

They introduced cows from other countries. That gives more milk (per day) and requires a big maintenance cost. Due to the big milk market, people started getting more western cows. These cows run out of milk much sooner than our Indian cows. Also, the milk they produce is not healthy for us. And, people were not aware of that. So, they slowly entered Indian Milk market.

Now Jallikkattu being the source of identifying the best bulls, and it is not completely safe, their vision turned towards Jallikkattu and this is where we are now..

Everybody knows smoking is Injurious for health. But, they didn’t ban smoking. Instead, they put strict regulations to it. Even if you take cricket, we know that players have died while playing. They didn’t ban cricket. Instead, they took precaution. Why? Because, there is lot of money involved.

Each Jallikkattu sends out a chill, down the spines of those western countries who wants to capture Indian Milk Market. That is where the animal welfare organizations come in. And now, they are trying to ban the sport.

In Spain, I think the end of bull fight is that the man kills the bull. But, in here, if a bull got injured during Jallikkattu, people consider it as a bad omen for the whole village.

Indian culture is something close to nature. It is not designed for mankind only. It is designed with the whole eco-system around mankind in mind. The practices we follow should help man and in no way disturb the eco-system in which he is in.

Pongal is a festival where we thank the entities involved in agriculture. On Pongal day, they worship and thank Sun. The next day is for the Cows. I am not sure whether there is any other country that gives this much importance to Agriculture.

When I was a kid, I used to carry an yellow cloth bag to market when I have to buy stuff. Or a stainless steel vessel for liquid items. Later came the polythene and plastic bags. Now we realize that they are harmful for nature and we are back to those older ways. Indian culture is exactly like this.

At a certain age, when our father gives us advise, we’ll think that he is old fashioned and whatever he says doesn’t suit the current time. But, when we grow older, we realize that everything he said/did was for our good and is the right thing to do. Indian culture is like the father and western culture is like the growing kid. The problem with India is that they didn’t realize that they are great. I would request other countries to learn from our traditions instead of trying to take advantage over us. Come and learn from us and we will be happy to teach you our traditions.

NEVER DARE TO TOUCH OUR TRADITIONS!! This is like keep on compressing a blown balloon. After a certain point, the pressure inside will increase and the balloon will burst and nobody will be able to make out its actual shape. And, people who are trying to touch our traditions are like the balloons.

When demonetization was announced, nobody protested. Yes.. Some people were against it. But, it was not even close to the opposition on the ban on Jallikkattu. Because, people feel that, even it is going to create some inconveniences, it is a good step toward eliminating corruption. But, we protest against the ban on Jallikkattu. Because, we know that it is NOT right.

Rules are meant for the well being of man. And to maintain the cultures. People follow rules, because they realize it is for the good. But, when you keep pressing us for something that we all know is not good, you have to be prepared for the chaos. And, you have to blame only yourself for the outcome. Because, YOU ASKED FOR IT.

If you are going to ban Jallikkattu, we’ll want to encourage the bulls and we want them to spend some quality time with its friends. So, we’ll find a place, where the owners of the bulls can come and the bulls can meet each other and have a blast. In their enjoyment, if some of the bulls ran from the meeting spot, the owners are going to ask people for help. And if somebody can get the bull, the owners will thank them with some gifts. 🙂

When you hurt nature, it will take it. This has increased in the last couple of centuries. Industries, mines, killing trees.. But, when it crosses the limit, it will come back with a vengeance. And, nobody ( I mean NOBODY) can stand against it. Once nature has shown us who is the boss, we have to start from square one. And lets try our best not to do it.

I SUPPORT JALLIKKATTU!!! Lets save Mother Nature!!!

Revolution against Black Money

First of all, I would like to Salute and Thank Modi ji for this BOLD move to declare that 500 and 1000 Rs notes are not valid anymore… I don’t think anybody else would dare to take such a step in the recent times. I hope nobody files any stay or gives any judgement that overrules this movement and send us back to the shi*hole..

This move is not going to bring all the black money to the street. There will still be black money in the form of land/house/jewels/shares/bonds/I don’t know what else..To my knowledge, intelligent people will not have all their black money in cash. They will convert the most into some other form.

This is the first step by the government to bring as much cash out as possible. And I wish/hope this will not be the last. Once/If the government start digging into the other areas, those corrupted people will start shi*ting in their pants and we’ll know how rich is India.

We are already hearing that loads of money is being dumped in garbage.. REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE ALL OUR MONEY.

From the public’s perspective, I don’t think lots of people oppose this movement. Their only concern is getting money for their daily expenses.

I would have liked it even more if  (As mentioned in this post) the Government can say that there will be no such thing as money. No hard cash anywhere in the country. Only digital money. All the transactions should happen through banks. And they should innovate some faster and secure ways of transferring money. And the police should be given more power than politicians. Then we’ll know the amount of corruption that has happened so far..

Some are saying: Only 20% of people have done mistake and the remaining 80% are suffering because of that.. I agree. My argument is, Only less than 3% of the country’s population pays income tax, and a significant portion of that money goes to only less than 1% of the people (the corrupt politicians, greedy people with power/sellers/…) So, why not 80% do their little bit to bring out our money from those 20% people. In another couple of months, we’ll know how much money we recovered from those 20% people. I hope that will be the gift for New year gift or Republic Day 🙂

Before I finish, I would like to thank the Bank employees to have this much patience and spend this much time doing such wonderful job. And some private banks use this opportunity to promote cash less transactions and they seem to serve their customers better. Thanks to them too 🙂

Looks like we India started moving in the right direction to reach APJ Abdul Kalam ji’s dream of India becoming a super power in 2020.

Jai Hind!

Responsibility In Social Media

As mentioned in my previous post, Im back with this one. 🙂

We get lots of messages through such social media everyday. Some of them are like:

  • Share this message with your friends within 10 minutes of reading this.
    • Good will happen within one day. Else, bad will happen. I have never forwarded any such message and Im doing good so far..
    • God will do something good for you.  If your God has to give, (s)he will give you no matter what.
  • We heard that, Mayans had predicted that the world is going to end in 2012, and their predictions were always right. And still you are alive and reading this blog..
  • Share this message in your Facebook wall and type so and so in comments. And you will see the magic. These is no magic!!!
  • Recent one was about the rain in Chennai. NASA has predicted that there is going to be rain for 250 cm for a couple of days. But, NASA has never released any such warnings.

These are to name a few.. And none of them is true and its full of BullS***!! (BTW: *** is hit !)

Consider the fake news about NASA’s prediction about rain in Chennai. When somebody reads it, who is not in Chennai, they will start worrying about their friends/relatives in Chennai and inform them. And those people in Chennai will start preparing for the worst. And what if they plan to leave the city? And what hundreds of families decided to do this? Poor guys are already in a big problem.. Why the hell do you want to add more to that?

If you are forwarding harmless message, you are wasting your time, your friends’ time, bandwidth, energy. I am still ok with this..

I am all for sharing something funny, useful. But NOT with some unconfirmed serious message.

My request: Be sensible and THINK before forwarding these kind of messages. Search the web and after you find it is true, ONLY then forward. It is very difficult for us to track down the origin of the message. But, atleast we can validate the news. If you don’t have time to validate the message, and if you really care, YOU WILL MAKE TIME.

I would like if the cyber crime department tracks down the origin of such fake messages and take necessary actions 🙂


Online Privacy


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Nowadays, Next to their body, the mostly used items by people are Smart Phones, Google, Facebook and Whatsapp. Whatever happens, Good or bad, (true or false, right or wrong – this deserves a separate post..) it gets updated in FB.. Whatever they need, search Google. Google has now become a verb in our daily usage.. Only thing it is missing, is a place in Dictionary!!

In a slashdot post, I read that, there was a person searching in Google.. Suddenly, he got a popup saying, looks like you are interested in the area we working on. How about an interview with you? And now, that person is working with Google. Meaning is, Your search is being monitored by somebody else..

Just think about this: You are in a place where you have never been. Suddenly, A stranger comes to you and says, Hello Mr/Ms XXX, Do you remember me? We were in XXX place on the date XXX.. We did these things.. And you said these things. On that day, you were wearing XXX dress. You have a house in XXX place and it is painted in XXX color. You have XXX brothers and XXX sisters.. You are from XXX place and much more.. And all this information is correct.. How do you feel? All these information can be obtained from your facebook posts/profile. And you know it is true..

These are direct information. When it comes to Google/Facebook and other online tools, they REMEMBER the data. Once they start connecting these, they’ll get even more details. Your lifestyle, what you do when, where will you be at any given time..

Even if we use different identities when we search for different kinds of things, we being humans, make some mistakes. And that might give clues on linking the patterns and still Google/Facebook can connect both of these identities.

“With great powers, comes great responsibility”

This is applicable for all with Great powers. We know that, Google give lots and lots of services for free. Is it really free? NO. The cost is the data you give it.. Its knows YOU.. Same with Facebook.

  • They have to maintain your privacy
  • They shouldn’t go through your private details
  • They should secure your data from being hacked

Why should THEY secure YOUR privacy? Shouldn’t we think? In those days, when two people talk, only they will know about it. Nowadays, we have the service provider (when you talk over phone), we have the application provider also (Your internet service provider and the app you use to communicate with others) listening to your conversations. I read that, in some countries, all phone calls are monitored for some keywords. If they are uttered, then the call details will be recorded for national security. When a third person is involved, it is not private anymore. With these many people involved in a conversation, your privacy is now a public news.

Remember: Google and Facebook knows more about you than you know about yourself.

I am not against these companies/technologies. I admire these companies. Each of them are trend setters. They have/use Great technologies. They are great innovators.. They inspire people to do things differently. But, Im concerned only about the people who use it.

Basically, Technology is like a knife. You should use it wisely/carefully. If not, you will hurt yourself or somebody else or both..

In those days, when we send a mail (postal mail) to others, atleast we can have some mechanism in which the receiver will know that the mail has been intercepted or not.. Now, there is no way.. When you are online, there will be two eyes watching at the monitor and two million eyes watching through the monitor. (Read somewhere 🙂 )

So, be careful on what you post in public. Think about With whom you share information. Think what you search for. In short, THINK WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE ONLINE and the repercussions of that and then act accordingly. BE SAFE!!

Why temples?


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Recently, I got a forwarded message in one of my WhatsApp groups. It was in Tamil and thought of translating to my limited English..

Since 1000s of years, they used to say/do the following things about temples in India:

*) Dont live in towns without temples

*) In a town, there should be no buildings taller than the temple’s tower.

*) Every 12 years they used to do some Poojas on the temple’s towers. That we call “Kumbabishekam” (This is where my limited knowledge of english comes into play..) 😦 This should also help..

We would be thinking, there are because of the following reasons respectively..

*) God will protect us

*) There is no one above god and so this is a sign of respect

*) Refresh God’s power

But, there is Science behind it.. And that gave me one more reason to become proud being an INDIAN..

Here is the “What” part of Kumbabishekam:

The Crown of the tower in temples are made up some metals like Gold,Silver,Copper,Brass,Lead that we call as “Aimpon/Panchaloha“. These metals will be made in a shape of a cone/cup (We call it as Kalasam) and they will fill it with Millets, Rice, Salt, Corn and few food items kept at the top of the towers. Every 12 years these food items will be taken out and refilled with new ones.

Now comes the “Why”/Science part:

Why do they make the Kalasam and fill it up?

*) All these metals and millets can absorb lighting. So, each tower acts as a “Lightning Rod”. The taller the tower, the wider area it can protect. So, in some temples there will be towers on all four directions. Each of them protect a wide area of the town. If the tower is 50 meters tall, it can protect people within the radius of minimum 50m. (100m in diameter)..These towers absorbs the lightning and protect the whole town. That is the reason, for the saying “Don’t stay in a town without temples”.

*) And in those days, it used to rain for longer.. Sometimes months together.. In those cases, all the crops may be spoiled. And, the houses may also be flooded and even they wont have anything for planting for the next season Now, where do they get the seeds for the next season? The place is from the temple’s Kalasam. So savings for future.

Why refilled every 12 years?

*) 12 years is the expiry period of the seeds kept inside the Kalasam. After 12 years, millets looses the ability to absorb lightning. So, each twelve years, they refill it with fresh ones..

This procedure is being followed for 1000s of years in India. Means, Science has developed this much 1000s of years back.

On reading this, I decided to blog/brag about it and I am feeling proud (as always) to be an INDIAN !!!

Quality Control

Now-a-days, we hear lots of complaints about Noodles, Colleges. And the people who acted in those advertisements are getting court notices or the public is complaining about them. I would say, each and every actor cannot recruit somebody to verify the quality of the product.

Instead, there should be a Quality Control Department from Government. This department should

* Should review the advertisements. To confirm that there are no exaggerations. And to say that all the text shown in the advertisement are readable even in the smaller TV screens, and shown for enough duration, and whatever spoken in the advertisement are understandable, (not like those 300 words per minute) and there are no implicit meanings in the text.

* Once this department certifies the quality, only then the product should be advertised/sold to public.

* Periodically check the quality (may do surprise visits)

* If the product doesn’t meet the standards, there may be a couple or warnings and even after that if there is no change, then this department should have the rights to revoke the license of the product.

This would increase job opportunities, quality products, low costs, Improved Economy and lot more.. Will Government do something about it? Please, Atleast leave this depart uncorrupted.

By the way, This seems to be my 100th post 🙂 Close to 10 years and 100 Posts.. Good Job Mani.. Keep Going !! On an average 10 posts per year. (Less than one in a month. Area of Improvement 😀 )

Life – A Puzzle


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What made me write such a blog post?? Read through!! I found it really interesting as I actually had a different title. And as I started writing, it changed direction and I thought this title would suit better.

It all started with this post.

We have seen self driving cars in movies and read about them in Sci-Fi books. But, it is becoming a Science Fact. Look at the percentage of accidents met by these cars. Nothing wrong with the technology and all are due to human errors. Really a great advancement in technology.

(From my perspective) Advantages of this technology:

*) Reduced accidents

*) Increased speeds and thereby reduced travel time.

*) In the driving time, people can do something useful

*) May be, fuel efficiency

(From my perspective), Disadvantages of this technology:

*) Of course, there will be a manual mode of driving. After 20-30 years or once this technology becomes more common, think about how many people will really use that mode. After cruise mode became common, how many people really drive the car manually in freeways? Personally, I don’t like Cruise mode in the car. It just feels like, we are just dolls handling the steering wheel. Yes, It is helpful for long drives. But, we’ll just miss the fun of driving.

*) People will loose reflexes as part of evolution!! I read somewhere that, human beings had fur throughout their body, had a tail and as we didn’t have a need for them, nature decided to remove them. As far as I know, For a person doing normal work/job, driving is one of the activities that keeps their reflexes active. Now with this technology coming in, the daily life “alert”ness will reduce. As we evolve, after 100-200 years, reflexes will become lesser and lesser common. When something is about to fall, our great-great grand children will keep looking at it or at that time some other technology will prevent the object from falling.

*) The whole concept of Drivers will become extinct. ie. The “Taxi/Cab Driver” will not be a job any more. There will be only one person per corporate and (s)he will maintain all the taxis/cabs. After the penetration of mobile phones within the general public, the Indian Government closed the Telegraph service. Also, I have heard that there are some car manufacturing companies that has factories where no human will enter for a month and still the production will be going on. (Think of how many people would have lost their jobs.) So, there is a lot of possibility of this also to become true. Now-a-days, I kind of have a guilty feeling that, each line of code that I write, it might affect somebody else’s job and there by their families. 😦 Then why I am doing this job?? You know why!! Lets see what future has for me!!

*) Due to reduced travel time, there will be no more road side shops. If you are taking 2 hours to travel to a place that you usually take 10 hours, why are you going to stop in between..

So far, we have washing machines, dish washers, Grinders, Mixers that does our daily activities. And now, self driving cars. Soon, there will be a machine the size of a human being (and it will be available in all sizes). Once you enter, it will make sure you are clean and all your early morning activities (you know what I mean) are performed. You don’t have to do anything. If only that machine comes, then in another 100-200 years, the human beings will become like the ones in Wall-E movie.

This is how people may be travelling in another 100-200 years:

* Hei XYZ, Book a ticket for me to this place on this date

* You will have a mechanical wheel chair that has the self driving technology programmed in it and it will take you there. (If you are rich, your wheel chair will have additional features like the machine that can clean you up, AC, and music system and so on..).

* Based on your identity, the gate will automatically open and you will be admitted inside.

* You’ll roam around (still) in your chair and come back home.

Where is the 2nd human involved here? (Apart from somebody who can accompany you..)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, our ancestors lived strong without any health issues for 60+ years easily. They did all their work by themselves. Nothing was automated. (If you look at ancient tamil culture, for a man to get married, he has to fight a bull or lift a huge stone [example thread] and throw it behind him. Think of how many people will get married now if they still have that tradition..) Now-a-days, people in their 30s are getting heart attacks.

Call me old fashioned!!

Call me I hate technology!!

Call me Im afraid of technology!!

I don’t care!!

Technology should help people to live and learn and not to make them weak/lazy. If machines are doing all the work, then what are we going to do!! (And this is where the title took a turn)

If you see, ultimately 90% of the technology boils down to saving time or earning money by somebody. Medical, Space research and some other research related technologies can affect people in a positive way and that fits my definition of technology. So, Im excluding them in the remaining 10%. Also a significant % of the saving time part is being used by somebody to earn more money..

If you are saying that the purpose of life is money then it makes sense. But, what about the people who don’t have money? Are they only for making others rich? Is Nature so partial towards strong people? Or, what we were doing when there was no concept of money?

If you are saying that technology is only for saving time, I want to understand the purpose of the existence of human being!! What is human being going to do with all that additional time?? Helping others?? Fine. What those people will do? They will multiply and then what?? And what about the animals, birds, plants and everything else in the world? And whatever contains the world??

If our sole purpose is to live, then If only, we can go to a time period where money is not the primary objective in life…

I know what my friends will be thinking.. To answer them: This is something better to think about rather than thinking something else.. 🙂

My India!!!



A Biggie after a long time!!!

If you are wondering, what made me to write a blog with this topic!!

Yesterday, I watched a program in TV (accidentally while shifting channels).. They were showing the pollution (in Yamuna River) in India. And suddenly, I remembered that a few weeks back, I saw another program where they were showing about Child trafficking in India. And this chain triggered me think about the movies in which India is portrayed.. When I think about them, they show only slums or crowd. And nothing else. If you have seen any other non-Indian movies showing other than these, do post a comment.

I hope this is not a scheme by other countries to portray that India is inferior in front of the rest of the world. In an effort to say that, “Yes! We are moving jobs to India. Look, This is how India is!! Its poor, polluted, corrupt.. We are trying to improve this country!! Don’t panic. We are not ignoring you.”

Look at the positives of India.

We have nature at our side. We grow everything we need to eat in India itself. Climate wise, other than a few seasonal natural disasters that too in a few specific areas of the country, the most part is liveable throughout the year. I am not talking about the border issues. These are man-made and not natural.

We are good at whatever involves brain activities. Our ancestors were great at Astronomy, Mathematics… There has been lots of things that our ancestors have told, which after many years of research, scientists are approving that they are correct. If you think these is old, think about Mangalyaan. The most recent achievement. We reached Mars less than the auto fare and that too in the first attempt itself. This proves that we have potential.

You might have come across this. “We were using Salt and Charcoal for brushing our teeth for 100s of years. When British came, they said you do things like tribal people. Use paste and that is fashionable. Nowadays, advertisements ask, do you have salt or charcoal in your paste??” This may sound funny.. But when you think about it, we can realize that, other countries sell our technologies to us at a higher price.

I have came across some comedy TV serials. But whatever jokes they talk are only about sex. It deals with the activity or the body parts involved. Think about our jokes? They are damn funny and if there are any sexual indications in it, they have faced severe oppositions from our general public. I can quote a lots of names in our cinema that have created a trend in comedy and that doesn’t involve sexual dialogues.

Think about our tradition. Whatever we follow, or we are told to follow, have a reason behind it. Some of them are mentioned in this post. Some of them may not make sense now. But, for the world at the time of creation of these traditions,  they made perfect sense. There is no harm in following them now. But if we choose to ignore, we should be sure that we are not going to loose anything.

Now, I don’t feel proud when they say that, people of Indian origin working in So and so (non-indian) organization did this!! Or, in this place this % are of Indian Origin. These are not something to be proud of. If somebody shot the target with your arrow, you cannot proudly say that, “That is my arrow he shot with!!”. It is the shooter’s pride and not the owner’s. What we should feel is that, we missed one opportunity to realize that person’s potential or we missed an achievement.

In a movie, I heard a dialogue: “A few years back, if we dig one feet, we’ll see 100s of earthworms. We started using chemical fertilizers. And now, all is gone”. So true!! We were using natural fertilizers for 1000s of years and survived. But within a couple of decades of using chemical fertilizers, we spoiled our lands. And now, we are doing real estate in those lands. After a few more decades what are we going to eat??

India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Population. Sounds Embarrassing or bad?? Ok.. What about “India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Man Power”!! Feel the potential in India ? Its all about perspective. Some countries think the population perspective when they want to market their products. And some think the Man-power perspective when they want to outsource the jobs. What should we think??

To my Non-Indian Friends:

Whatever you see in the media, is not the whole India. There is a greener side to it and this post doesn’t even mention the tip of the Ice berg.

To the Indian media:

We have been ruled over by different people back to back.. French, Dutch, Moguls, British.. Inspite of all that, we have maintained quite a lot of our tradition and culture. Now-a-days, the western culture is dominating ours. Being ruled over for 100s of years have created an inferiority complex within us. We are easily convinced that our traditions are unfit for the society. It is your responsibility to break this. You should expose the reality/science behind these traditions. Your biggest responsibility is to “Implant the proudness of being Indian in every Indian” instead of focussing on only your TRP ratings. We have seen quite a few people grown only because of you. Quite a movies became a hit only because of you. So, this will definitely be like a child’s play for you.

To the corrupt politicians:

Lots of countries doesn’t have the support from nature. Still they have developed enormously. If we think about India, we have everything we need. We just need the right leaders and right plans in place. Recognize the talents and encourage them.

To Indian media and corrupt politicians:

Just like a product trial, try being honest for the next 5 years. Work towards the development of India and if the people are not satisfied with the results, go back to your own ways.. What say?? I think every Indian will agree to this deal !!!

Request to my Indian friends living outside India:

We work here. We make money. And, Yes!! There is lot of pollution and corruption in India. But that should not be a reason for us to ignore India and keep complaining about it. We know the greatness of India. We know the culture and traditions. We know whatever is being portrayed in media may not be the real India. Wherever we are, Let us follow some traditions that we like/understand and explain the advantages to our non-indian friends.

I am and always will be proud of India.. You??