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Nowadays, Next to their body, the mostly used items by people are Smart Phones, Google, Facebook and Whatsapp. Whatever happens, Good or bad, (true or false, right or wrong – this deserves a separate post..) it gets updated in FB.. Whatever they need, search Google. Google has now become a verb in our daily usage.. Only thing it is missing, is a place in Dictionary!!

In a slashdot post, I read that, there was a person searching in Google.. Suddenly, he got a popup saying, looks like you are interested in the area we working on. How about an interview with you? And now, that person is working with Google. Meaning is, Your search is being monitored by somebody else..

Just think about this: You are in a place where you have never been. Suddenly, A stranger comes to you and says, Hello Mr/Ms XXX, Do you remember me? We were in XXX place on the date XXX.. We did these things.. And you said these things. On that day, you were wearing XXX dress. You have a house in XXX place and it is painted in XXX color. You have XXX brothers and XXX sisters.. You are from XXX place and much more.. And all this information is correct.. How do you feel? All these information can be obtained from your facebook posts/profile. And you know it is true..

These are direct information. When it comes to Google/Facebook and other online tools, they REMEMBER the data. Once they start connecting these, they’ll get even more details. Your lifestyle, what you do when, where will you be at any given time..

Even if we use different identities when we search for different kinds of things, we being humans, make some mistakes. And that might give clues on linking the patterns and still Google/Facebook can connect both of these identities.

“With great powers, comes great responsibility”

This is applicable for all with Great powers. We know that, Google give lots and lots of services for free. Is it really free? NO. The cost is the data you give it.. Its knows YOU.. Same with Facebook.

  • They have to maintain your privacy
  • They shouldn’t go through your private details
  • They should secure your data from being hacked

Why should THEY secure YOUR privacy? Shouldn’t we think? In those days, when two people talk, only they will know about it. Nowadays, we have the service provider (when you talk over phone), we have the application provider also (Your internet service provider and the app you use to communicate with others) listening to your conversations. I read that, in some countries, all phone calls are monitored for some keywords. If they are uttered, then the call details will be recorded for national security. When a third person is involved, it is not private anymore. With these many people involved in a conversation, your privacy is now a public news.

Remember: Google and Facebook knows more about you than you know about yourself.

I am not against these companies/technologies. I admire these companies. Each of them are trend setters. They have/use Great technologies. They are great innovators.. They inspire people to do things differently. But, Im concerned only about the people who use it.

Basically, Technology is like a knife. You should use it wisely/carefully. If not, you will hurt yourself or somebody else or both..

In those days, when we send a mail (postal mail) to others, atleast we can have some mechanism in which the receiver will know that the mail has been intercepted or not.. Now, there is no way.. When you are online, there will be two eyes watching at the monitor and two million eyes watching through the monitor. (Read somewhere 🙂 )

So, be careful on what you post in public. Think about With whom you share information. Think what you search for. In short, THINK WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE ONLINE and the repercussions of that and then act accordingly. BE SAFE!!