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A Biggie after a long time!!!

If you are wondering, what made me to write a blog with this topic!!

Yesterday, I watched a program in TV (accidentally while shifting channels).. They were showing the pollution (in Yamuna River) in India. And suddenly, I remembered that a few weeks back, I saw another program where they were showing about Child trafficking in India. And this chain triggered me think about the movies in which India is portrayed.. When I think about them, they show only slums or crowd. And nothing else. If you have seen any other non-Indian movies showing other than these, do post a comment.

I hope this is not a scheme by other countries to portray that India is inferior in front of the rest of the world. In an effort to say that, “Yes! We are moving jobs to India. Look, This is how India is!! Its poor, polluted, corrupt.. We are trying to improve this country!! Don’t panic. We are not ignoring you.”

Look at the positives of India.

We have nature at our side. We grow everything we need to eat in India itself. Climate wise, other than a few seasonal natural disasters that too in a few specific areas of the country, the most part is liveable throughout the year. I am not talking about the border issues. These are man-made and not natural.

We are good at whatever involves brain activities. Our ancestors were great at Astronomy, Mathematics… There has been lots of things that our ancestors have told, which after many years of research, scientists are approving that they are correct. If you think these is old, think about Mangalyaan. The most recent achievement. We reached Mars less than the auto fare and that too in the first attempt itself. This proves that we have potential.

You might have come across this. “We were using Salt and Charcoal for brushing our teeth for 100s of years. When British came, they said you do things like tribal people. Use paste and that is fashionable. Nowadays, advertisements ask, do you have salt or charcoal in your paste??” This may sound funny.. But when you think about it, we can realize that, other countries sell our technologies to us at a higher price.

I have came across some comedy TV serials. But whatever jokes they talk are only about sex. It deals with the activity or the body parts involved. Think about our jokes? They are damn funny and if there are any sexual indications in it, they have faced severe oppositions from our general public. I can quote a lots of names in our cinema that have created a trend in comedy and that doesn’t involve sexual dialogues.

Think about our tradition. Whatever we follow, or we are told to follow, have a reason behind it. Some of them are mentioned in this post. Some of them may not make sense now. But, for the world at the time of creation of these traditions,  they made perfect sense. There is no harm in following them now. But if we choose to ignore, we should be sure that we are not going to loose anything.

Now, I don’t feel proud when they say that, people of Indian origin working in So and so (non-indian) organization did this!! Or, in this place this % are of Indian Origin. These are not something to be proud of. If somebody shot the target with your arrow, you cannot proudly say that, “That is my arrow he shot with!!”. It is the shooter’s pride and not the owner’s. What we should feel is that, we missed one opportunity to realize that person’s potential or we missed an achievement.

In a movie, I heard a dialogue: “A few years back, if we dig one feet, we’ll see 100s of earthworms. We started using chemical fertilizers. And now, all is gone”. So true!! We were using natural fertilizers for 1000s of years and survived. But within a couple of decades of using chemical fertilizers, we spoiled our lands. And now, we are doing real estate in those lands. After a few more decades what are we going to eat??

India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Population. Sounds Embarrassing or bad?? Ok.. What about “India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Man Power”!! Feel the potential in India ? Its all about perspective. Some countries think the population perspective when they want to market their products. And some think the Man-power perspective when they want to outsource the jobs. What should we think??

To my Non-Indian Friends:

Whatever you see in the media, is not the whole India. There is a greener side to it and this post doesn’t even mention the tip of the Ice berg.

To the Indian media:

We have been ruled over by different people back to back.. French, Dutch, Moguls, British.. Inspite of all that, we have maintained quite a lot of our tradition and culture. Now-a-days, the western culture is dominating ours. Being ruled over for 100s of years have created an inferiority complex within us. We are easily convinced that our traditions are unfit for the society. It is your responsibility to break this. You should expose the reality/science behind these traditions. Your biggest responsibility is to “Implant the proudness of being Indian in every Indian” instead of focussing on only your TRP ratings. We have seen quite a few people grown only because of you. Quite a movies became a hit only because of you. So, this will definitely be like a child’s play for you.

To the corrupt politicians:

Lots of countries doesn’t have the support from nature. Still they have developed enormously. If we think about India, we have everything we need. We just need the right leaders and right plans in place. Recognize the talents and encourage them.

To Indian media and corrupt politicians:

Just like a product trial, try being honest for the next 5 years. Work towards the development of India and if the people are not satisfied with the results, go back to your own ways.. What say?? I think every Indian will agree to this deal !!!

Request to my Indian friends living outside India:

We work here. We make money. And, Yes!! There is lot of pollution and corruption in India. But that should not be a reason for us to ignore India and keep complaining about it. We know the greatness of India. We know the culture and traditions. We know whatever is being portrayed in media may not be the real India. Wherever we are, Let us follow some traditions that we like/understand and explain the advantages to our non-indian friends.

I am and always will be proud of India.. You??


Numeric IP


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Recently, I was going through some code and found something strange (??? !!!) In short, In one place they were passing an IP address and on the other place they were using it as an integer.. I didn’t understand what is happening and then I searched the internet and found something that explained it..

For those who may not know, IP address is the identity of a device in a network. Like your postal address. And each IP is of the format X.X.X.X and each segment (indicated by X) is an octet. And the values of each octet can be from 0-255. Each IP address can be converted into a single number using the formula:

4th octet * (256 ^ 0) + 3rd octet * (256 ^ 1) + 2nd octet * (256 ^ 2) + 1st octet * (256 ^ 3)

This will give a number and that number is the actual address for a server/machine in network.

For ex. is the IP of and as per formula

(206 * 256 ^ 0 + 218 * 256 ^ 1 + 58 * 256 ^ 2 + 216 * 256 ^ 3 = 3627735758 )

If you try http://<number&gt; like http://3627735758 in your browser, you can still access the server.

Additional info: When you type in the browser (or any other site’s address for that matter), the request will be sent to a server. That server will have the information saying is this IP and send the request to that IP. These servers are called as DNS (Domain Name Servers) servers.

Do you believe in God???


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Sometime or the other, you would have faced the question in your life. Do you believe in God? Same with me!!! I spent some time thinking about it and decide to blog about it..

This post is not the reflection of whether I believe in God or not!! Just my thought about the origin of the concept called God and the question..

If you have any comments, feel free to post!!

Long back, there could be somebody who might have started thinking about the origin of life. That person would have thought and thought and thought and would have come to a conclusion that there should be somebody who would have created life and that is God. And that person would have discussed and debated and finally convinced a set of people. And all would have agreed that God exists. And those people would have defined the qualities for God. That, God is powerful, good, helps people in need, destroys evil and punishes evil doers,… And they would have spread the concept in the hope to prevent people from doing bad things or follow somethings that would be good for them. May be if somebody refused to follow a certain practices, they would have associated it with God and said, If you do this, (only ???) then God will do good/help for you.

Also, It is quite possible that some of the God’s stories that we hear/know are actually some real “normal” person’s story and they would have been polished with a touch of God’s characteristics as and when necessary/possible.

Some of the rituals we follow and the possible reasons behind them: I am familiar only with Indian/Tamil culture. So my examples are based on that. If you have any such ideas, it would be my pleasure if you can add it as a comment.

Lighting lamps in the evenings -> Actual reason is, at that time there was no electricity. Lamps lets the travelers/passers by, know that there is somebody living nearby and if they need any help, they can approach. What we are told is, Only then Goddess Lakshmi will come to our house and give all wealth.

Using rice flour for Kolam -> Actual reason is, there are thousands of small lifes living around our house. Rice flour is to feed them. If it is for feeding, why not just dump the flour? Why Kolam? If that is your question, It could have been followed for sometime. Then, somebody with a creative mind would have thought, why to just dump it.. I can draw something so that the front of my home will look good as well. This could be the origin of Kolam. What we are told is, again, Only then Goddess Lakshmi will come to our house and give all wealth.

Using cow dung to clean houses -> Actual reason is, Insects can come to into the houses and nobody wants them to.. And, cow dung keeps them away. What we are told is, Cow is a devotional animal and so we have to do it.

Shouldn’t cut nails at night -> Actual reason is, at that time, there is no bright light at homes at night. So, if a nail falls on floor, it will either prick us or gets mixed with food. And this is the same reason people say not to throw garbage at night. As some valuable articles may get mixed with garbage (by mistake), we’ll end up throwing it. What we are told is, if you do this, you will loose your wealth/money..

Chant God’s name if you are not sleeping at night -> Actual reason is, If we are not sleeping, our mind will keep thinking something or the other. They would have thought instead of thinking about unnecessary things, let them focus on one thing and let it be God.

Fasting in the thought of God -> Actual reason is, I heard from somebody that, if we did fasting for a day in a week, it is good for our health/stomach. A rest for stomach. So, they dedicated each day for a God and gave options to people. If you pray that god, you can fast on that day..

There will be a lot more of such actions that will have an actual reason. But, they are covered under the name of God/ritual. Some people who don’t believe in God, as these practices are associated with God, wont follow these things.

If you see, most of such actions are all defined for the well being of people. Those ancestors successfully associated these activities with devotion and convinced people to follow it. And this wouldn’t have been achieved by one person or in one generation..This should have taken centuries..

To Believers: If you are following some rituals, realize why you are doing it. Somethings are not applicable in today’s world.

To Non-Believers :  If you are deciding not to follow some rituals, think again. You may be loosing something.

And coming back to the question: Those ancestors would have defined qualities for being a good person. And told people that “if you are good, God will help you, otherwise they will be punished by God and they are categorized as bad.”

So, when they meet others, if they want to know whether they are good or bad, they cannot directly ask “Are you good or bad..”.. Instead they asked, “Do you believe in God?” If the answer is yes, then that person lives his life based on certain rules and will not do evil/bad things. This is how it would have started..

But, nowadays, this question is becoming irrelevant. Reason: We know a few “Ananda”s who claimed they are saints and we know what they did and where they are now. Also, there are a lot more “non-Ananda”s who does whatever they want, and all in the name of God.. And we know quite a lot of people who denied/denies the existence of God and they have changed human life in a good way. (Either did things for others, or inspired others to do things like them.).

So, next time, if you are going to ask this question to somebody, think what you are really trying to know from them and if it makes sense to ask this question, go ahead!!

நம் நாடு!!

கடந்த சில நாட்களாக, என் மனதில் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கும் சில பாடல் வரிகள்!!!

என்ன வளம் இல்லை இந்த திருநாட்டில்,
ஏன் கையை ஏந்த வேண்டும் வெளிநாட்டில்,
ஒழுங்காய் பாடுபடு வயல்காட்டில்,
உயரும் உன் மதிப்பு அயல்நாட்டில்!!

நறுக்குனு சுருக்கமா ஒரு வலைப்பதிவு!!!

Is getting rich worth it?

Recently I came across this topic in Quora. This kind of interested me.. So, thought of writing a blog on it. Obviously, the answer is, it depends on what is important to you. Let me explain.

What is getting rich? Earning Money.

How much is “that” money? Why do you need “that” much money? ie. Are you earning for yourself or your next generation?

Will “that” money be enough? Or will you start thinking of a little bit more? (And once that little bit more is reached, you will see that there is another little bit more next to it). Especially because, today’s 100$ will not be same as tomorrow’s 100$. So, you need to plan for a steady growth of the money so that you can REMAIN RICH.

What you are gaining?

Obviously, “That” much money with which you can lead your life (or whatever left of it) as you wish/as per your health at that time. And Yes, your next generation will be rich.

What you loose?

People around you may have their expectations changed on you. Today you give them 10$. Once you are rich, will they be happy with that 10$? Are you ready to sacrifice the people or that additional amount? [That additional amount means you will have to earn more 😀 ]

I don’t think it is possible to split the life as “I am going to spend this much hours for becoming rich” and “this much is for my personal life (to spend with family, friends, recreation…)”. So, once you started to think about becoming rich, you have to reduce the time you spend on your personal life.

If you ask my personal opinion: Yes, Obviously everybody wants to be rich and Im not an exception. I have a certain amount in mind. But, I don’t work towards that. I spend my time/money as I wish (not lavishly though) and the remaining is for becoming the so called “rich”. Finally, If I reached my target, I’ll be happy. Else, no worries. I lived my life as I wished 🙂



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Happy new year to all 🙂 First blog in this year.

NEST is a maker of Internet-connected thermostats and smoke detectors. Google has acquired this company and looks like lots of magic “Sci Fa” (Science Facts, Not Science Fiction any more) is about to happen around us. Click this link to see some of the applications of NEST. Pretty kool. Looks like our house hold items are going to evolve pretty soon.

So over a period of time, this is one thing that can happen. You will start from office/home. This will be known to your car. Your car will start. It will automatically adjust the temperature (switch on AC/Heater based on the weather outside) and adjust the seat for you. Once you are near the car, the door will automatically open. You just have to get in and start driving. And, in the evening, once you come close to your home, your car will inform your house that you are close. Immediately, your thermostat will start and adjust the room temperature, your coffee maker will start and prepare coffee for you and your once you open the door, Your TV will play the game/show that you are awaiting to watch, your coffee maker will give you coffee and you just have to sit back and RELAX 🙂

Hello!!! Wake up computer!!


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Recently, I was looking for some possibility on whether I can put my computer to sleep and wake it up when I want it to..

While doing so, found this URL: In short, you can put it to suspend or hibernate and wake it up after some time:

rtcwake -m disk -s 60

There are different options to make it to suspend/hibernate/standby… and can specify the time to wake up.. Refer “man rtcwake” for more.

Its cool when you want your computer to wake up before you and have everything setup when you look at your computer for the first time in the day 🙂

Samba – Allow writes but not modify/delete


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Recently, I was configuring samba on my machine.. I wanted people to copy files to my machine but don’t want them to delete/modify the existing ones. Searched for a bit and found that adding:

create mode = 555

to the /etc/samba/smb.conf file and restarting the samba services makes the files to be created in read and execute mode. (Thus preventing anybody from modifying the files). So, others can copy files to my machine but will not be able to modify/delete them.

Formatting XML in GEdit


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Have you ever got an XML that is in a messed up format and had a hard time in trying to figure out what is there? And felt that, what if there is a tool that you can use to format it…

If you are using GEdit as your editor, here is a solution for you:

  • Install python-lxml (Or look for lxml)
  • Create a new external tool configuration (Tools -> Manage External Tools…) and add a new command. Like : (Format XML)
  • This is the script you need to execute:

 #! /usr/bin/env python
import sys
import lxml.etree as etree
import traceback
result = ”
for line in sys.stdin:
  result += line
  x = etree.fromstring(result)
  result = etree.tostring(x, pretty_print=True)
  etype, evalue, etraceback = sys.exc_info()
  traceback.print_exception(etype, evalue, etraceback, file=sys.stderr)
print result

  • Set Input to Current document
  • Set Output to Replace current document

Once done, you will have a menu option under Tools -> External Tools -> Format XML. Once you click on it, you can enjoy understanding XML easily 🙂 Obviously, being a software engineer, I reused the above given code from somewhere else 😀

Unlocking levels in Candy Crush


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How many of us are playing candy crush regularly? And, loose all the lives and have to wait for long time to regain all the lives?

Once we reach a certain level, to proceed to the next level, it asks us to play 3 quests and we can plan only one per day.. And as we are addicted, how can we wait for so long… huh??

Solution: This worked for me (Read from somewhere though)

1) In your mobile, close the candy crush app. (Not exit. Terminate the application)

2) Change the date/time on your mobile (Add 2:30 hrs to the current time if you ran out of lives and 1 day if you want to play the next quest. to unlock the next level.)

3) Start candy crush. Open the game. But, don’t start playing yet.

4) Exit candy crush. (As mentioned in step 1)

5) Revert your change to date/time on your mobile

6) Start enjoying candy crush.

If you didn’t exit candy crush app or change the time properly , you will be in a big trouble either to play candy crush or with the date/time on your mobile.. So follow the steps as mentioned.

Beware!! Candy crush is not a game. It is an ADDICTION 🙂