Now-a-days, we hear lots of complaints about Noodles, Colleges. And the people who acted in those advertisements are getting court notices or the public is complaining about them. I would say, each and every actor cannot recruit somebody to verify the quality of the product.

Instead, there should be a Quality Control Department from Government. This department should

* Should review the advertisements. To confirm that there are no exaggerations. And to say that all the text shown in the advertisement are readable even in the smaller TV screens, and shown for enough duration, and whatever spoken in the advertisement are understandable, (not like those 300 words per minute) and there are no implicit meanings in the text.

* Once this department certifies the quality, only then the product should be advertised/sold to public.

* Periodically check the quality (may do surprise visits)

* If the product doesn’t meet the standards, there may be a couple or warnings and even after that if there is no change, then this department should have the rights to revoke the license of the product.

This would increase job opportunities, quality products, low costs, Improved Economy and lot more.. Will Government do something about it? Please, Atleast leave this depart uncorrupted.

By the way, This seems to be my 100th post 🙂 Close to 10 years and 100 Posts.. Good Job Mani.. Keep Going !! On an average 10 posts per year. (Less than one in a month. Area of Improvement 😀 )