Hello World!! Do you want to know how to do a revolution? Come to TamilNadu!!

Initially police were invited to ensure that the students doesn’t cause any damage or disturbance to public.. But, after seeing the way our boys are doing the revolution, Police Joined hands with boys and now the boys are sharing responsibilities with Police. That is the power of our boys!! The discipline shown by the boys is great!!

Also, I would like to thank the politicians for not caring about TamilNadu so far.. That sense, of being ignored, has brought all of us together and shown the world who we are and what we can do and how we can do!! Now the politicians are scared !! Some politicians are attempting to do some protest just for the sake of saying “Yes!! We too raised our voice against the ban on Jallikkattu..”

Now that the world knows what we can do, we just need one true leader who can guide this youth force in the right direction!! Kalaam Sir!! Miss you more now!!

Salute to the boys!!