This post is an effect of watching a TV show and reading an article on a magazine.

When we were kids, we have seen, used, done some things. How many of such things that the current generation know that they exists/existed??

NOTE: As I dont know the english word for some of the objects that I have seen and used, Im going to transliterate them.

For example: Maththu, Agappai, Ammi kal (Our Mixey), Aattu kal/Ural (Grinder), Ammi Kuzhavi, Mann jaadi (Clay jug), Mann Paanai (Clay pot), Yeru (plough), Kayitru kattil (Cot made with wood and rope), Maattu vandi, Nadai Vandi (Helps the kids to start walking), Bommai Kudhirai (A wooden horse that keeps rocking to and fro)… These are very few objects that I have seen and used.. But the current generation (even us) don’t use..

If you see, everything is nature friendly. Nothing will spoil the nature.

We play daily on the streets for hours together after school. What all the traditional games that we have played? Ghilli (Mother of cricket), Kabaddi, Nondi (Hopping), Pambaram (Top), Goli (I think these are called as marbles), Kannamoochi (Hide and seek), Pacha Kudhirai (Kind of high jump but over another person)…

Think about how we play on summer holidays under the hot sun and come home with litres of sweat? And, how we feel when we drink a jug of water from mann paanai and get back to our games? Do not forget to remember our moms shouting at us to come home… 🙂

How many of the kids from this generation know that such games exist? How many kids play on streets? Also, all the games makes us healthy and strong. Nowadays, every kid is into tabs, computer games and TV. And, NONE of these is good for health..

There was nothing in our grand parent’s days that is currently being shown in TV Ads and still they survived for 60+years easily without any health issues. How many of us think that we can be as healthy and strong as them at that age? I seriously doubt, that I can be half as strong as my mom when I reach her age…

The worst part is, All or most of the things we have used/done has a history of 100s or 1000s of years. But, these became close to their extinction in the past couple of decades. Think about how our forefathers passed all these on to us and how we are going ahead. What are we passing on to the next generation that keeps our tradition alive?

What changed??

Now we have electrical equipments to do everything. We think we are saving time.. But, loosing out on everything else. Health, Tradition, History, Money, Nature…

All these activities are exercises and so people didn’t need a gym specifically in those days.. Now, we have all types of equipments and people spend a good amount of money for gym too. What is the point??? Ultimately, they are NOT saving anything.. Time or money. If they think they are saving time, I would say that they are spending the saved time in GYM or doing some exercises (that includes walking). I seriously think, this is an impact of western culture. Its time to wake up.

It is difficult now as we have become addicts to those equipments. But, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!