First of all, I would like to Salute and Thank Modi ji for this BOLD move to declare that 500 and 1000 Rs notes are not valid anymore… I don’t think anybody else would dare to take such a step in the recent times. I hope nobody files any stay or gives any judgement that overrules this movement and send us back to the shi*hole..

This move is not going to bring all the black money to the street. There will still be black money in the form of land/house/jewels/shares/bonds/I don’t know what else..To my knowledge, intelligent people will not have all their black money in cash. They will convert the most into some other form.

This is the first step by the government to bring as much cash out as possible. And I wish/hope this will not be the last. Once/If the government start digging into the other areas, those corrupted people will start shi*ting in their pants and we’ll know how rich is India.

We are already hearing that loads of money is being dumped in garbage.. REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE ALL OUR MONEY.

From the public’s perspective, I don’t think lots of people oppose this movement. Their only concern is getting money for their daily expenses.

I would have liked it even more if  (As mentioned in this post) the Government can say that there will be no such thing as money. No hard cash anywhere in the country. Only digital money. All the transactions should happen through banks. And they should innovate some faster and secure ways of transferring money. And the police should be given more power than politicians. Then we’ll know the amount of corruption that has happened so far..

Some are saying: Only 20% of people have done mistake and the remaining 80% are suffering because of that.. I agree. My argument is, Only less than 3% of the country’s population pays income tax, and a significant portion of that money goes to only less than 1% of the people (the corrupt politicians, greedy people with power/sellers/…) So, why not 80% do their little bit to bring out our money from those 20% people. In another couple of months, we’ll know how much money we recovered from those 20% people. I hope that will be the gift for New year gift or Republic Day 🙂

Before I finish, I would like to thank the Bank employees to have this much patience and spend this much time doing such wonderful job. And some private banks use this opportunity to promote cash less transactions and they seem to serve their customers better. Thanks to them too 🙂

Looks like we India started moving in the right direction to reach APJ Abdul Kalam ji’s dream of India becoming a super power in 2020.

Jai Hind!