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What made me write such a blog post?? Read through!! I found it really interesting as I actually had a different title. And as I started writing, it changed direction and I thought this title would suit better.

It all started with this post.

We have seen self driving cars in movies and read about them in Sci-Fi books. But, it is becoming a Science Fact. Look at the percentage of accidents met by these cars. Nothing wrong with the technology and all are due to human errors. Really a great advancement in technology.

(From my perspective) Advantages of this technology:

*) Reduced accidents

*) Increased speeds and thereby reduced travel time.

*) In the driving time, people can do something useful

*) May be, fuel efficiency

(From my perspective), Disadvantages of this technology:

*) Of course, there will be a manual mode of driving. After 20-30 years or once this technology becomes more common, think about how many people will really use that mode. After cruise mode became common, how many people really drive the car manually in freeways? Personally, I don’t like Cruise mode in the car. It just feels like, we are just dolls handling the steering wheel. Yes, It is helpful for long drives. But, we’ll just miss the fun of driving.

*) People will loose reflexes as part of evolution!! I read somewhere that, human beings had fur throughout their body, had a tail and as we didn’t have a need for them, nature decided to remove them. As far as I know, For a person doing normal work/job, driving is one of the activities that keeps their reflexes active. Now with this technology coming in, the daily life “alert”ness will reduce. As we evolve, after 100-200 years, reflexes will become lesser and lesser common. When something is about to fall, our great-great grand children will keep looking at it or at that time some other technology will prevent the object from falling.

*) The whole concept of Drivers will become extinct. ie. The “Taxi/Cab Driver” will not be a job any more. There will be only one person per corporate and (s)he will maintain all the taxis/cabs. After the penetration of mobile phones within the general public, the Indian Government closed the Telegraph service. Also, I have heard that there are some car manufacturing companies that has factories where no human will enter for a month and still the production will be going on. (Think of how many people would have lost their jobs.) So, there is a lot of possibility of this also to become true. Now-a-days, I kind of have a guilty feeling that, each line of code that I write, it might affect somebody else’s job and there by their families. 😦 Then why I am doing this job?? You know why!! Lets see what future has for me!!

*) Due to reduced travel time, there will be no more road side shops. If you are taking 2 hours to travel to a place that you usually take 10 hours, why are you going to stop in between..

So far, we have washing machines, dish washers, Grinders, Mixers that does our daily activities. And now, self driving cars. Soon, there will be a machine the size of a human being (and it will be available in all sizes). Once you enter, it will make sure you are clean and all your early morning activities (you know what I mean) are performed. You don’t have to do anything. If only that machine comes, then in another 100-200 years, the human beings will become like the ones in Wall-E movie.

This is how people may be travelling in another 100-200 years:

* Hei XYZ, Book a ticket for me to this place on this date

* You will have a mechanical wheel chair that has the self driving technology programmed in it and it will take you there. (If you are rich, your wheel chair will have additional features like the machine that can clean you up, AC, and music system and so on..).

* Based on your identity, the gate will automatically open and you will be admitted inside.

* You’ll roam around (still) in your chair and come back home.

Where is the 2nd human involved here? (Apart from somebody who can accompany you..)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, our ancestors lived strong without any health issues for 60+ years easily. They did all their work by themselves. Nothing was automated. (If you look at ancient tamil culture, for a man to get married, he has to fight a bull or lift a huge stone [example thread] and throw it behind him. Think of how many people will get married now if they still have that tradition..) Now-a-days, people in their 30s are getting heart attacks.

Call me old fashioned!!

Call me I hate technology!!

Call me Im afraid of technology!!

I don’t care!!

Technology should help people to live and learn and not to make them weak/lazy. If machines are doing all the work, then what are we going to do!! (And this is where the title took a turn)

If you see, ultimately 90% of the technology boils down to saving time or earning money by somebody. Medical, Space research and some other research related technologies can affect people in a positive way and that fits my definition of technology. So, Im excluding them in the remaining 10%. Also a significant % of the saving time part is being used by somebody to earn more money..

If you are saying that the purpose of life is money then it makes sense. But, what about the people who don’t have money? Are they only for making others rich? Is Nature so partial towards strong people? Or, what we were doing when there was no concept of money?

If you are saying that technology is only for saving time, I want to understand the purpose of the existence of human being!! What is human being going to do with all that additional time?? Helping others?? Fine. What those people will do? They will multiply and then what?? And what about the animals, birds, plants and everything else in the world? And whatever contains the world??

If our sole purpose is to live, then If only, we can go to a time period where money is not the primary objective in life…

I know what my friends will be thinking.. To answer them: This is something better to think about rather than thinking something else.. 🙂