As mentioned in my previous post, Im back with this one. 🙂

We get lots of messages through such social media everyday. Some of them are like:

  • Share this message with your friends within 10 minutes of reading this.
    • Good will happen within one day. Else, bad will happen. I have never forwarded any such message and Im doing good so far..
    • God will do something good for you.  If your God has to give, (s)he will give you no matter what.
  • We heard that, Mayans had predicted that the world is going to end in 2012, and their predictions were always right. And still you are alive and reading this blog..
  • Share this message in your Facebook wall and type so and so in comments. And you will see the magic. These is no magic!!!
  • Recent one was about the rain in Chennai. NASA has predicted that there is going to be rain for 250 cm for a couple of days. But, NASA has never released any such warnings.

These are to name a few.. And none of them is true and its full of BullS***!! (BTW: *** is hit !)

Consider the fake news about NASA’s prediction about rain in Chennai. When somebody reads it, who is not in Chennai, they will start worrying about their friends/relatives in Chennai and inform them. And those people in Chennai will start preparing for the worst. And what if they plan to leave the city? And what hundreds of families decided to do this? Poor guys are already in a big problem.. Why the hell do you want to add more to that?

If you are forwarding harmless message, you are wasting your time, your friends’ time, bandwidth, energy. I am still ok with this..

I am all for sharing something funny, useful. But NOT with some unconfirmed serious message.

My request: Be sensible and THINK before forwarding these kind of messages. Search the web and after you find it is true, ONLY then forward. It is very difficult for us to track down the origin of the message. But, atleast we can validate the news. If you don’t have time to validate the message, and if you really care, YOU WILL MAKE TIME.

I would like if the cyber crime department tracks down the origin of such fake messages and take necessary actions 🙂