A Biggie after a long time!!!

If you are wondering, what made me to write a blog with this topic!!

Yesterday, I watched a program in TV (accidentally while shifting channels).. They were showing the pollution (in Yamuna River) in India. And suddenly, I remembered that a few weeks back, I saw another program where they were showing about Child trafficking in India. And this chain triggered me think about the movies in which India is portrayed.. When I think about them, they show only slums or crowd. And nothing else. If you have seen any other non-Indian movies showing other than these, do post a comment.

I hope this is not a scheme by other countries to portray that India is inferior in front of the rest of the world. In an effort to say that, “Yes! We are moving jobs to India. Look, This is how India is!! Its poor, polluted, corrupt.. We are trying to improve this country!! Don’t panic. We are not ignoring you.”

Look at the positives of India.

We have nature at our side. We grow everything we need to eat in India itself. Climate wise, other than a few seasonal natural disasters that too in a few specific areas of the country, the most part is liveable throughout the year. I am not talking about the border issues. These are man-made and not natural.

We are good at whatever involves brain activities. Our ancestors were great at Astronomy, Mathematics… There has been lots of things that our ancestors have told, which after many years of research, scientists are approving that they are correct. If you think these is old, think about Mangalyaan. The most recent achievement. We reached Mars less than the auto fare and that too in the first attempt itself. This proves that we have potential.

You might have come across this. “We were using Salt and Charcoal for brushing our teeth for 100s of years. When British came, they said you do things like tribal people. Use paste and that is fashionable. Nowadays, advertisements ask, do you have salt or charcoal in your paste??” This may sound funny.. But when you think about it, we can realize that, other countries sell our technologies to us at a higher price.

I have came across some comedy TV serials. But whatever jokes they talk are only about sex. It deals with the activity or the body parts involved. Think about our jokes? They are damn funny and if there are any sexual indications in it, they have faced severe oppositions from our general public. I can quote a lots of names in our cinema that have created a trend in comedy and that doesn’t involve sexual dialogues.

Think about our tradition. Whatever we follow, or we are told to follow, have a reason behind it. Some of them are mentioned in this post. Some of them may not make sense now. But, for the world at the time of creation of these traditions,  they made perfect sense. There is no harm in following them now. But if we choose to ignore, we should be sure that we are not going to loose anything.

Now, I don’t feel proud when they say that, people of Indian origin working in So and so (non-indian) organization did this!! Or, in this place this % are of Indian Origin. These are not something to be proud of. If somebody shot the target with your arrow, you cannot proudly say that, “That is my arrow he shot with!!”. It is the shooter’s pride and not the owner’s. What we should feel is that, we missed one opportunity to realize that person’s potential or we missed an achievement.

In a movie, I heard a dialogue: “A few years back, if we dig one feet, we’ll see 100s of earthworms. We started using chemical fertilizers. And now, all is gone”. So true!! We were using natural fertilizers for 1000s of years and survived. But within a couple of decades of using chemical fertilizers, we spoiled our lands. And now, we are doing real estate in those lands. After a few more decades what are we going to eat??

India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Population. Sounds Embarrassing or bad?? Ok.. What about “India is the second top country in the world, when it comes to Man Power”!! Feel the potential in India ? Its all about perspective. Some countries think the population perspective when they want to market their products. And some think the Man-power perspective when they want to outsource the jobs. What should we think??

To my Non-Indian Friends:

Whatever you see in the media, is not the whole India. There is a greener side to it and this post doesn’t even mention the tip of the Ice berg.

To the Indian media:

We have been ruled over by different people back to back.. French, Dutch, Moguls, British.. Inspite of all that, we have maintained quite a lot of our tradition and culture. Now-a-days, the western culture is dominating ours. Being ruled over for 100s of years have created an inferiority complex within us. We are easily convinced that our traditions are unfit for the society. It is your responsibility to break this. You should expose the reality/science behind these traditions. Your biggest responsibility is to “Implant the proudness of being Indian in every Indian” instead of focussing on only your TRP ratings. We have seen quite a few people grown only because of you. Quite a movies became a hit only because of you. So, this will definitely be like a child’s play for you.

To the corrupt politicians:

Lots of countries doesn’t have the support from nature. Still they have developed enormously. If we think about India, we have everything we need. We just need the right leaders and right plans in place. Recognize the talents and encourage them.

To Indian media and corrupt politicians:

Just like a product trial, try being honest for the next 5 years. Work towards the development of India and if the people are not satisfied with the results, go back to your own ways.. What say?? I think every Indian will agree to this deal !!!

Request to my Indian friends living outside India:

We work here. We make money. And, Yes!! There is lot of pollution and corruption in India. But that should not be a reason for us to ignore India and keep complaining about it. We know the greatness of India. We know the culture and traditions. We know whatever is being portrayed in media may not be the real India. Wherever we are, Let us follow some traditions that we like/understand and explain the advantages to our non-indian friends.

I am and always will be proud of India.. You??