Recently I came across this topic in Quora. This kind of interested me.. So, thought of writing a blog on it. Obviously, the answer is, it depends on what is important to you. Let me explain.

What is getting rich? Earning Money.

How much is “that” money? Why do you need “that” much money? ie. Are you earning for yourself or your next generation?

Will “that” money be enough? Or will you start thinking of a little bit more? (And once that little bit more is reached, you will see that there is another little bit more next to it). Especially because, today’s 100$ will not be same as tomorrow’s 100$. So, you need to plan for a steady growth of the money so that you can REMAIN RICH.

What you are gaining?

Obviously, “That” much money with which you can lead your life (or whatever left of it) as you wish/as per your health at that time. And Yes, your next generation will be rich.

What you loose?

People around you may have their expectations changed on you. Today you give them 10$. Once you are rich, will they be happy with that 10$? Are you ready to sacrifice the people or that additional amount? [That additional amount means you will have to earn more 😀 ]

I don’t think it is possible to split the life as “I am going to spend this much hours for becoming rich” and “this much is for my personal life (to spend with family, friends, recreation…)”. So, once you started to think about becoming rich, you have to reduce the time you spend on your personal life.

If you ask my personal opinion: Yes, Obviously everybody wants to be rich and Im not an exception. I have a certain amount in mind. But, I don’t work towards that. I spend my time/money as I wish (not lavishly though) and the remaining is for becoming the so called “rich”. Finally, If I reached my target, I’ll be happy. Else, no worries. I lived my life as I wished 🙂