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Happy new year to all 🙂 First blog in this year.

NEST is a maker of Internet-connected thermostats and smoke detectors. Google has acquired this company and looks like lots of magic “Sci Fa” (Science Facts, Not Science Fiction any more) is about to happen around us. Click this link to see some of the applications of NEST. Pretty kool. Looks like our house hold items are going to evolve pretty soon.

So over a period of time, this is one thing that can happen. You will start from office/home. This will be known to your car. Your car will start. It will automatically adjust the temperature (switch on AC/Heater based on the weather outside) and adjust the seat for you. Once you are near the car, the door will automatically open. You just have to get in and start driving. And, in the evening, once you come close to your home, your car will inform your house that you are close. Immediately, your thermostat will start and adjust the room temperature, your coffee maker will start and prepare coffee for you and your once you open the door, Your TV will play the game/show that you are awaiting to watch, your coffee maker will give you coffee and you just have to sit back and RELAX 🙂