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How many of us are playing candy crush regularly? And, loose all the lives and have to wait for long time to regain all the lives?

Once we reach a certain level, to proceed to the next level, it asks us to play 3 quests and we can plan only one per day.. And as we are addicted, how can we wait for so long… huh??

Solution: This worked for me (Read from somewhere though)

1) In your mobile, close the candy crush app. (Not exit. Terminate the application)

2) Change the date/time on your mobile (Add 2:30 hrs to the current time if you ran out of lives and 1 day if you want to play the next quest. to unlock the next level.)

3) Start candy crush. Open the game. But, don’t start playing yet.

4) Exit candy crush. (As mentioned in step 1)

5) Revert your change to date/time on your mobile

6) Start enjoying candy crush.

If you didn’t exit candy crush app or change the time properly , you will be in a big trouble either to play candy crush or with the date/time on your mobile.. So follow the steps as mentioned.

Beware!! Candy crush is not a game. It is an ADDICTION 🙂