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First week went fast… 🙂

The best thing was, (Believe Me!!), I didn’t have jet lag 🙂  I didn’t know how.  I started at night from my place.. On the first flight, slept well. Once I reached the place where I have the connecting flight, I roamed inside the airport for a while. Then came the flight to US. I didn’t sleep during that travel. Tried watching movies.. May be that was the reason for not having jet lag.. Reached USA that evening. One of my friend had prepared some good food for me.. Had it and slept. The next day, I was up and running 🙂

My observations so far.. People seem to be polite. They greet whenever they meet others. That is good. The roads are clean. People follow traffic rules strictly. I have heard honking in cars only when the car gets locked. Not on the roads. Being an Indian, Im missing honking 😀 One thing for sure is, Any Indian can drive in the USA.. But, I dont think any American can manage to drive in India 😀 Common India, lets do something about it 🙂

One more observations about the TV commercials: In the USA, I can find that the TV contains commercials for medicines, alcohols.. But, that is not that much in India. I like India in that perspective.

Another observation about the programs in TV: Around night, the programs seems to become a bit violent. Lots of horror stuff, killing stuff.. But that is not the case in India. Again, I like this in India.

Being Indian, Im used to do the conversions when I buy things. Hope I stop doing that soon 🙂 (Yes.. Some things seems to be more expensive).

I’ll be staying here for a while.. So, I’ll try to write more 🙂