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Drinking is not an Indian culture. I don’t say that nobody drinks.. But, people will have a guilty feeling when they do.

In olden movies, the actors will drink only when they are sad or bad (villains). If the good guy drinks, either he will die because of drinking or he will quit drinking.. That kind of made sense. But, nowadays, the hero or his friend drinks. Whether they are happy or sad doesn’t matter. As if it is part of daily life.. There are very very very very few movies that doesn’t have alcohol in it in the past 5-6 years.. This sends a wrong message to the next generation.

I read that, the government makes a lot of profit from wine shops. Somehow this makes me think whether the government is indirectly forcing the media industry to have atleast one scene where somebody drinks…

If the directors say that the story needs it, how did the (g)older movie directors made movies for ages without any drinking scenes.. Can anybody show/name me a movie where MGR had alcohol?? Didn’t those stories had the so called “situations”? If he wanted, do you think he couldn’t have included such scenes? Because, he wanted to send ONLY the RIGHT messages to people. And HE STOOD BY IT.

Don’t BS me saying that this is the culture now. Still, there are millions who are afraid to go home after taking drinks and don’t drink for that reason alone.

Showing “Drinking is injurious to health” at the beginning of the movie alone is not enough.. If you really mean it, why the *** do you need those scenes in your movies??

Film industry, Movies have a greater reach. It is a powerful media.. Do not misuse it and Please DO NOT SPOIL THE UPCOMING GENERATION.. By watching the movies, we can build an opinion about those olden days.. This is also like recording the culture in history.. DO NOT DEFAME OUR CULTURE…