I thought of making my blog to be more technical than social.. But, what Im am doing is in total contrast to my thoughts!! 😦

Recently came to know that our Government is planning to provide an unique number for PF that will be called as Universal Account Number (UAN). This will be the new number that we can use for our PF accounts. Good Idea???

How many numbers are they going to give.. We already have Driving License, RC Book, Gas Connection, PAN, Phone Connection, Bank Accounts, Passport, blah blah blah… hundreds of things.. If I have to do a change of address, think about what all I have to do..

My question is, why don’t they use Aadhar in the first place? As a citizen, I should update my details in Aadhar and be done with it. And from then on, all the utilities should use the new detail. I don’t think this task will be a difficult task for the Government. May be initial investment is high. But, once things are set, it will be easier for government and citizens..

An Observer Pattern should be enough… (At last, could link something technical in this blog) 😉

My colleague used to say, “I am OK with taking a short term pain for a long term gain”. But, looks like our government is “OK with taking a long term pain for a short term gain”