A few days back, I was watching “Brain Games” on NGC.. The subject was about Persuasion. It was a re-telecast. The first time, I saw only towards the end.. May be last 5 mins or so… In that, they asked a fill in the blanks kind of question.. The question was: I am feeling thirsty. So, I need a glass of : (Options) Water, Milk and something else (that I don’t remember now)

When I watched for the first time, my answer was Water. Big Deal!! After that, the host said, We know the answer you would say is Milk. Because, WE PUT IT IN YOUR BRAIN and showed a few scenes (from the same episode) that related directly or indirectly to Milk.. I didn’t believe as my answer was Water. But, the second time, after watching the complete program, automatically “Milk” came to my mind.. I was so shocked when I realized that my answers are different in both the occasions.

And they said that, these kind of techniques are followed by the marketing people to attract us to buy their product. Those brands will have experts in these subjects. Also, I saw an ad recently that says something like: Every one person in some X number will get this disease. And YOU could be the one.. WHAT THE XXXXXX.. After watching that “Brain Games” episode, I feel that this can indirectly create an impact in our brain and that is not good.. May be, there should be a censor board or something that has some Brain experts who monitors such Ads and block them from showing.

From our side, we need to be very careful in taking decisions. I think some marketing people doesn’t give enough time to make our decisions. They will give a very attractive offer and say you have to decide with this time which may not be possible. We may not get enough time to think through the pros and cons of that offer. To avoid missing the offer, we’ll step further which obviously will benefit them.. We need to be careful in making such decisions.. We need to really really think before making such decisions.. I KNOW THIS IS VERY VERY VERY DIFFICULT. But, …