Interesting title? Sounds scientific ?? Actually, this is a stinker 😦

How many times you have spent 18 Rupees and you have given the shopkeeper a 20 Rs Note. And can anybody tell me what you get for balance?? CHOCOLATES !!! And this is happening for the past few years in India.. And I <fill up with whatever non-parliamentary word comes to your mind here> hate this. If I want chocolates, I’ll buy them. The shopkeeper doesn’t have to tell me that I have to buy chocolates.

Recently, I heard that, even the bus conductors started doing this. It is my right to get the balance and they have no right to deny it. In my office cafeteria, the person has bought stuff only for this purpose. I am 100% sure he makes a minimum of 200+ rupees per day on chocolates.

I always insist on getting my money back instead of those chocolates. If he doesn’t have the money, I’ll ask him to keep it in mind and balance it in my next visit.

The worst part is, if we give them chocolates, why are they accepting? Who authorized them to give chocolates? People think that it is just 1 or 2 Rupee and get the chocolates. But, do they realize that each time they are loosing that 1 or 2 rupee buying things unnecessarily?