I successfully finished reading Ponniyin Selvan (2nd time). This is not going to be a review. Just what I felt.

This is not a story about how RajaRaja Chola became a king. This is about the events happened before that. The writing is so great that, Raja Raja Chola will be introduced “as a character himself” only in the middle of 2nd volume (out of 5 volumes). Till then, he will be mentioned. By the time the introduction was made, I started admiring Raja Raja Chola and eagerly waiting for the introduction to happen 🙂 If at all this was made as a movie, by the right people, the introduction scene can create the same (or even more) effect as Baasha interval scene. It has the potential. The climax is wonderful.

At times, it has great humour. Also, there are some big suspenses. But, I still could not get an answer for one big question.. Who is the real ___ of ___ ? Sorry… I cannot fillup the blanks without revealing a suspense 😀 But, you will be able to guess this when you read the book. If you know the answer, do let me know. The character says something.. but, the circumstances seems to be totally different.

This book also shows us the respect people had on Thirukkural. Loved it more than the first time.. I think each time I read it, I get more involved. I don’t know when, But I’ll read it again.. 🙂 If you have time, I recommend you READ IT. If you don’t have time, FIND TIME AND READ IT !!