Recently, I got some time to do some research at office… (We are close to a release now and all the major issues have been resolved). I know what you are thinking.. (How is it possible while he is there???). There are better people in my office.. So, it happens ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coming to the point: I have heard about Android Kitkat and heard that it can run on my phone also.. So, wanted to try that out for a long time.. And utilized this time now..

Before any further: I am a Novice in android stuff. So, DO NOT THINK THAT I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS WHOLE PROCESS. While flashing boot images, I got nervous and somehow got the guts to do these steps ๐Ÿ˜€

In case you are interested to try out:

I followed the instructions from multiple sites.. But, ultimately this link summarizes the whole steps like unlocking the bootloader, Rooting the phone and install custom ROM. I used the packages from here. As wifi was not working for me, asked a question there but no response so far. Im waiting!!!


  • (Unfortunately), You need to have a Windows machine for rooting your device. Rest of the stuff can be done from a linux machine itself. That is the reason, I had to do all these things in office. (If you are planning to revert to factory provided ROM, I think you need a windows machine only.)
  • You may need to download around 400MB of files. So, have space on sdcard and have enough bandwidth.
  • If you are using Ubuntu 13.10 (like me), you need to have android-tools-fastboot,ย android-tools-adb package installed. This has fastboot and adb tools respectively. If you install android sdk, I think these tools will be available by default.
  • Time to do all these ๐Ÿ™‚

Couple of warnings: (Go though this even if you write code who will ignore warnings and care only about errors :D) (Old joke???)

  • When you unlock bootloader using, it will do a factory reset. And you will end up loosing your personal information like me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Fortunately, I had backed up contacts in my SIM card long back.. After that, I had added only a couple of contacts. So, the loss was little. But, lost all my SMS and call history. As these didn’t had any important data, so it was OK for me.
  • Make sure you have taken an NAndroid backup using x-Parts. Else, in case you want to revert back to the default ROM, you will be spending a lot of time finding out how..

Couple of Observations in Kitkat:

  • WiFi didn’t work for me. In my office, I can get Authenticated and Un-Authenticated WiFi Connections. I haven’t spent time on figuring out how to utillize the unauthenticated wi-fi connections. For authenticated wifi, even after providing proper credentials, it says “Connecting…” but never connects..ย  (Will see whether I can get it working.) But, unauthenticated connection went through. But, that redirects to a page where I have to fillup some data. I have to try that out.
  • I felt that the UI looks wise were not as great as the ones that came with Sony. ie. If you say Sony is 100%, this will be close to 80%.
  • Battery was draining faster that the factory ROM.

Nothing about performance as I haven’t installed any apps that I wanted to have due to missing wifi.

In case you tried out things or have any inputs/comments, you are always welcome.