Recently, I was watching “Champions” program in Sun TV. This post is not about what Sun TV does or what goes behind the scenes. Its about the participants. The program is to conduct a competition between the so called “Physically Challenged” people.

Who “so called Physically Challenged”?

Somehow, physically challenged doesn’t sound right to me. It just doesn’t give the respect they deserve. In Tamil, we call them “Maatru Thiranaaligal” meaning, “Specially Talented”. I think this gives the respect due for them.

Why they deserve the special respect?

As normal people, if we face 10 problems per day, they have to face the same 10 problems + 1 more along with its side effects. (Side effects means how others approach them) Personally, I don’t think I can handle that one additional problem they face. Still they overcome their problems and lead their normal life. Some go beyond it and do more than what we can do..

Simply GREAT!! A Salute to them šŸ™‚ If I have written something wrong here, I sincerely apologize..