Yeah!! Kind of a topic that everybody criticizes about and that never change…

While doing something, I sometimes think a bit deeper. And the recent one is our educational system.

In the schools, we have different subjects. If I remember right, I studied these.(Maths/Science/Languages/Social Studies/Geography and obviously Sports) upto my 10th. (Almost all the areas)

In +1, +2, there are multiple groups.(Subsets based on category)

  • Physics/Chemistry/Maths/Biology
  • Physics/Chemistry/Maths/Computers
  • Physics/Chemistry/Botony/Zoology
  • Commerce (Arts)
  • Physics/Chemistry/Maths/Mechanical

And then, in the colleges, we have specifics: (Building area of expertise)

Physics, Chemistry, Arts, Biology, Commerce, Maths, Computers, Multiple different groups in engineering..

I would say, this is a really kool structure.

What is the need for having this kind of grouping?

Dont know who did it.. But they did it well. The reason is, nobody knows what are the abilities of a child. What the kid can do good!! In the schools, they give the kid opportunities to learn almost everything. Just sample in each and every area. ie. In the schools, they are trying which domain the child is interested in. (Science/Arts/History/Sports???/Maths).. In the +1, +2 phase, which sub-domain is the kid good in. (Physics/Chemistry/Computers/Commerce/….) And in college, they identify the specific areas in these sub-domains. And this is the idea behind having these kind of grouping.

What are the (most) schools/colleges focussing on?

Just one word. RESULTS & (F/N)ame as a bye-product. They want cent percent pass rate and state first student to be from their school and job placement.

What does the (most) industries expect?

People with good overall scores in all the subjects. But, they will be working on only one domain. Why the hell a medical company is interested a person’s 10th History marks???

What is happening with people/parents now?

These guys are in a tricky situation. Reason: In the industry, they want overall percentage to be 70+. The schools/colleges want their students to go out with distinction. So, they are forcing their children to learn everything or something that the kid is totally not good at (Reason: This job pays well). The poor kids spend all their time trying to prepare for the exams. Very very few kids understands what they are studying… Seriously!!! I don’t think many kids understand what understanding a subject means πŸ™‚

In my school days, if somebody is good in (only) sports, they are royally screwed!!! (I think, the schools are not giving much importance to sports as they do for studies.)

The irony!!!

The idea of schooling to find out, what the kid is interested in and what (s)he is good at and develop them in that area. But, now, it has become like people are trying to make the kids mark generator (Kids have to score marks at any cost). WTF???

What can be changed??

Schools should be a place where they find out the talent in each child and say, this child is good at these. Also, they should provide a basic platform for the kid to develop his/her area of interest. And, marking/ranking system needs to be ELIMINATED completely. This may happen over a period of time.. (Some of the schools are moving from marks to grades.)

There should be normalization of salary among all jobs. Only performance of the employee can cause a difference and not the industry as such. ie. A 10 year experienced teacher should be paid close to what a 10 year software engineer is getting paid. NOT AT ALL PRACTICAL (Not even in the ideal world!!!) πŸ˜€ Yes.. there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered here… (Complexity/Responsibility) But, It seems to be one way in which parents will not force their children to learn something they are not interested in… But, “experts” can think of something on these lines πŸ™‚

Was about to forget the important part. FEES πŸ™‚ When you ask people, they will say, all course are same/great. That has these these features and this has these these features. Then, why the $&%# colleges charge 3K for Arts and 30L for Medicine??? There has to be a limit for the fees. Government HAS TO DO something to regulate the fees.

Success or not, I’ll give my best for something that I love doing it. Same with kids.. They will learn much faster and do better!! And, the quality of people at the top level (anywhere) will automatically increase.