Recently came across this info. ie. Gnome is planning to remove the middle-click paste feature. I am a big fan of this feature and I use it for multiple purposes. For quicker pasting (Usability) and to make the others (mostly windows users) wonder on what this guy is doing!! (Advertisement) 😀

Previously, nautilus changed quite a lot of stuff (removed tree view, removed status bar, added “intelligent???” search ie. as and when we start typing it searches for the file/folder) and after that I seriously started looking for an alternate file browser. As I could not find one yet, reverted to an older version of nautilus.

I don’t think, these changes are good for Gnome!!! I have heard from my colleagues who interacts with customers that “Customers are OK with using our product even if we don’t give new features. But, they hate when something that was working before doesn’t work any more.” Now, I realize, how true it is!!!