As we all know, the Indian rupee value is going down against dollars. And there are loooots of info shared across facebook. Says, do this… do that.. blah blah blah.. and more blah blah blah… and finally even more blah blah blah..

The summary of the facebook shares:

  • Do not buy imported items.
  • Do not buy gold
  • Do not use petrol/diesel or use minimally

Everybody started sharing stuff.. What happened after that?? NOTHING.. BIG NOTHING.

Sharing in facebook is not going to help. Million people read it. 99% of the people will become excited and will think of doing something about it. “This is not good!! I’ll do something about this for my country.” And they share it. (Lots of the people think, “Yes.. I have served my part to the country.”) And the rest of the people,  start reading rest of their facebook posts. By the time they come out of facebook, only 1% of them will still have the same excitement. Out of those 1%, maximum of 1 or 2 will “try” to follow it. Can anybody deny this?

In my opinion, sharing is not of use unless it is followed. Sharing stuff will ONLY overload the facebook servers and NOTHING else will happen. Its difficult for one or two people to follow by themselves.

Proof: Sometime back, in our office, they were collecting some fund. I wanted to donate. But, I didn’t. Sankar (My friend) also wanted to donate. He came to me and told that he is going to contribute and asked whether Im interested. I said yes and immediately collected the money. Then we two started collecting some money for our gang and gathered something.. If he had not initiated, I would not have contributed and we could not have collected what we did..

So, these kind of activities should be started and done by a group of people. May be, people who would not generally do things will start doing atleast some minimal stuff when they join a group. When this is done by a group, slowly it will spread and it will reach 100 others. Out of those, 1 or 2 will start another group and that is how people DO things..

Do you think, Im going to do something about this economic status??? Unless Im in a group or form a group, I am going to continue using my bike for going to office. (making my country to import my share of petrol). And, this is us!!! (If you are wondering, why I am not using public transportation, that will call for a separate blog post. And the reason will be applicable for most of us in indian cities.)