Its a long time since I have blogged last. But this is a wonderful moment to restart blogging!!
YEAAAAAAAAAAA is what I can feel right now!!!

For all the other teams it would have been one final. But for India, it was a series with three finals.. First Australia, then Pakistan and then Srilanka

Australia -> The defending champions and India defeated them. Though the Aussies’ commitment was great, India’s determination to send them home was greater!!

Pakistan -> Even an ordinary match between India & Pakistan will be treated as a World Cup Final. But, this was a knock out game semi-finals in World Cup. Think about the pressure on the teams. Both teams played well. But Pakistan was not up to the mark. They should have accelerated a bit earlier. Even if India had lost the finals, people would not have worried after this as our team have defeated Pakistan. For the first time in our company’s history, they projected this match on big screens and we all enjoyed the Indian innings.

Im gng to cover this a bit in detail. 🙂
Srilanka -> The big match at Mumbai. When chasing in a world cup final, even 200 is a big score to get. Srilanka scored a huge 274 with the help of a great century from Jayawardane. India lost two HUGE early wickets. I kind of lost my hope here. 😦 But, the way Gambhir and Kohli carried on was remarkable. (Signs for a bright future for Indian Cricket. Anybody there to contradict????) Murali and Malinga were Srilanka’s strike bowlers. Only thing indians wanted was not to loose their wickets to these guys by playing some rash/big shots. They know that they can compensate it with other bowlers. And the plan was really good and the guys executed it well too. With a wonderful catch by Dilshan, Kohli was replaced by the captain. What a man he is!! Started off slowly but steadily. Built the innings with Gambhir and slowly put pressure on Srilanka. Gambhir could have scored a century but with an unnecessary shot, went to pavilion and came Yuvi. When these two were playing, there was a mis-understanding between them and there was a chance of run out. I saw Dhoni’s expression. He was horrified. It was like a person who has done a crime and got caught. Then he steadied and these two guys made sure the world cup reaches India. When the cup reached India, it was tears of happiness all over.

And everything was for one person. Sachin Tendulkar. The comment from Kohli summarises it all. “He had carried the burden for India on his shoulders for 20 years. It is our time now to carry him on our shoulders!!” What else do you want??

We should not forget the contribution of Gary Kirsten. The coach working on the background. After a forgettable performance in 2007 world cup, he brought the team together and improved them. This guy and Dhoni made India to be at the top of the table in all forms of cricket. ODI/Test/T20.

Proving that INDIA is THE BEST!!! Chak De India!!!