Name : Chitti
Speed : 1 Tera Hz
Memory : 1 Zeta Byte

This is Endhiran. The Robot. First of its kind in Tamil Cinema.

Story: Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajni) creates a Robot named Chitti (Rajni) (Happens in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie). And then what happens is the story. 😀

-ves first.. (So that we can end with a positive note :))
Things that could have been better:
* Storyline (Kind of predictable).
* Rajni in the action scene on the train.
* Robot’s make up. In some scenes, the face was kind of “plasticky”. Don’t know whether it is intentional as this is a Robot.
That is it with the -ves. (From me).

About the movie:
The first half of the movie is good in setting up the base. A demo (in tiny bits) of what all this Robot can do. With the base being set, the second half has been well built. The abilities of the Robot demonstrated in first half were put into action with the help of great visuals. The first half is full fun, a bit of action some love and it ends with a note of what is coming up next. The second half is something that tamil viewers might have never seen. Basically, a typical tamil movie with some great visuals.

Rajni is very good in comedy. Also, Karunas and Santhanam too has helped in making us laugh.

“Simple”y superb for a Sci-Fi movie. This is the first full length Sci-Fi movie in tamil and they are able to create it with very minimal computer related terms. People with less education may miss a couple of jokes but that should be ok.

“Kadhal Anukkal” and “Kilimanjaro” were shot on amazing locations. If you let me there, I will never come back. 🙂

The second half (towards the climax) is simply WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW… (Too much of Os right… Similarly too much of Visual effects. Shankar wanted to put everything he has imagined on screen. So, kind of too much. But taking that out of account, they deserve these many Os.) We’ll think this is it. And something even bigger will come.

Amazing music. For songs, we have already heard a lot of time. But during action scenes and chase scenes, simply superb.

Shankar has proved again that he is good. He has just made us see what he has imagined and given a visual treat with the great magician in tamil cinema.

Santhanam and Karunas were almost not seen in the 2nd half. Danny a good choice for that character. Reason: For his role, a face well known to tamil audience will not suit. (Im great!! I conveyed what I wanted to say without any spoilers :)) Dialogue sync is not so good for him.

Usually in Rajni’s movies, heroines will not be playing a prominent role. Except Padayappa. In the other movies, they will be there in the movie. Even if you removed those characters, you wont miss anything in the movie. But, here Aishwarya Rai plays an integral part of the story and she is there throughout the movie. And, she is still looking good.

Last but not the least: THE BOSS
In Tamil cinema, Rajni has a HUGE (means REALLY HUGE) fan base and even in an ordinary movie, he is like a super hero. (Have a look at the interval scene of Baasha). On screen, when Rajni does some things, it will fall into heroism category. If the same is attempted by ANY OTHER ACTOR, people will not accept it and it will fall into comedy category. Also, he is 2nd actor after MGR who can sing duets in tamil movies even after crossing 60.

As he is the Robot here, the director has taken the liberty of giving him additional powers. Watch the movie for the powers. (In tamil we say something like: Ivan Pongalukke vedi vedippan.. Diwali kedaicha viduvaana??? – Literal meaning: He will burst crackers even for Pongal. Think of what he will do for Diwali!!!) Some are typical Rajini’ish and some are enjoyable. (Especially when Aish gets disturbed in her studies.) This story was initially created for Kamal Hassan. Just imagining, how much change would have gone on screen if kamal has done this movie. That movie would have had a different kind of feel in its own way. Coming to the point, Rajni has done well. He is there almost in all the scenes. Some of the dialogue delivery is simply superb. You can see all types of Rajni here. The scientist Rajni (a very ordinary man) is one we have not seen recently. And Chitti is wonderful. And 2.0 is one we are seeing after a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Overall: A simple storyline with some great visual effects and Rajni as the backbone.