As I said in the previous post, I am back to share my thoughts about “Sivakamiyin Sabatham”.

This is a prequel to Parthiban kanavu. ie. In Parthiban Kanavu, Narasimha Pallava might be around in his 40s. (My guess!!) But Sivakamiyin Sabatham is his 20s-30s. (If I am wrong, Kalki Plz forgive me.)

The story is as follows: Mahendra Varma Pallava is ruling the Pallava kingdom. His son Narasimha Palla has fallen in love with Sivakami, the greatest dancer in that period. Meanwhile, Pulikesi is trying conquer Kanchi and as he could not, he takes Sivakami with him and cause a serious injury to Mahendra Varma pallava. Narasimha Pallava goes to rescue Sivakami. Did he succeed? Did he married Sivakami? Did Pulikesi die? Read the book. Don’t come to conclusions about the answers/climax 😉

In Parthiban Kanavu, Kalki have mentioned about Mahendra Pallava being intelligent. I didn’t get a measure of how much. But, here, there is a situation in which, he invites Pulikesi to Kanchi for a visit. The arrangements he makes were amazing. He sends somebody out of the fort, invites somebody to the fort. Reason behind those actions were amazing. I could understand the reason behind these actions. (And that made be accept his intelligence.) Though, this is being explained later in the story. And there is one more talent he got. But I dont want to reveal it. It might be a spoiler for Parthiban Kanavu.

From the book, I could learn about ancient culture. Like, their bravery, attitude towards war, the kings’ interests in art, to name a few..

How much those kings celebrated Art. Especially the Pallavas.. They started carving statues from rocks. It became my desire to go to mahabalipuram atleast once. Unfortunately, I have never been there. 😦

Also, when the Pallavas go to fight Pulikesi, Kalki has mentioned that, people were wearing new dresses.. decorated their houses.. As if it was a festival.. The most I was expecting was a big cheer from the people to the soldiers.

And about politics, from the words of Mahendra Varma Pallava, Kalki has explained what all the difficulties of being a king. What is the difference between an ordinary person and a ruler. Simply, WOW…

And as this is a love story, there is a chapter in which Narasimha Varma explains his love to Sivakami.. Simply superb..

I have started reading Ponniyin Selvan.. But so far, I think, that Sivakamiyin Selvan is the best. 🙂