A Book Review now. This is about a tamil book classic. Who am I to review this book?? So read it as, My thoughts on this book. 😀

Sometime back I went to the public library near my house. I saw a few historical novels by an author called Udhayanan. (I liked all the books except one thing that was common. ie. Introducing a character called Udhayanan in all the books.) Historical novels are part of my favorite reads. (I never scored good marks in history and that is a different story :D). So I thought let me give it a try and started reading it. It brought back my memories of the days (abt 15 yrs back. Believe me I read those books in my school days.) I read Sandilyan’s books like Kadal Pura and Raja muthirai. As I have lost those books, I thought of buying them and re-read them. Slowly this became a desire and I decided to buy those books the next time I go to my native. Also I have heard about Kalki and his creations like Parthiban Kanavu, Sivakamiyim Sabatham and Ponniyin Selvan. So decided to buy those books too.

Enough of history. Lets first get started with Parthiban kanavu. (Yes!! You guessed it right.. There will be more posts about the other books too.) As said before, this is not a review just my view about the books.

The story is: (As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, NO SPOILERS. You can go ahead and read.)
Chola empire was flourishing at the time of the great Karikala chola and now it is not at its best now.It is just a small kingdom. King Parthiban is ruling the Chola kingdom and he refuses to pay duty to Narasimha Varma Pallava. As you have guessed right, Narasimha Varma pallava declares a war against him. Before going to war, Parthiban takes his son Vikaraman to a place where he has drawn paintings of the chola flag flying throughout India and even in other countries. But, the face of the king has not yet been painted. Parthiban explains Vikraman that, it is his desire to get back the fame that Chola kingdom has lost and expand the empire. And fulfill the paintings with the face of the king who achieves it. And again as you have guessed, King Parthiban looses his life in the battle. Before he passes away, a saint comes to him and Parthiban requests the saint to help his son achieve his dream.

To achieve his father’s dream, Vikraman starts with a protest. His uncle deceives him and he gets arrested by the Pallava soldiers. On the way to court, Vikraman sees a girl and falls in love with her. (Yes!!! You guessed it right about who this girl could be.) The pallava king exiles him and send him to an island. Vikraman becomes the king of the island and after three years he comes back to see his mother and the girl. When he comes back, he comes to know that his mother has been kidnapped by the head of the Kapalikas (These guys are known for giving human sacrifices.). With the help of the saint mentioned before, he finds his mother and wins the hand of the girl and did he fulfilled his father’s dream?

A couple of things that I thought that could have been better is: (Could be because of my ignorance about Kalki’s writing style)

In this story, there was room for a BIG suspense. While reading itself, if we could co-relate things, we can easily find out. (I did). So, at the end when the suspense was revealed in the story, it was not a surprise for me.

There were a few situations like Parthiban’s refusal to pay duty, and Vikraman’s argument with Narasimha Pallava about the protest were explained as 3rd person views. ie. Something like, people talking among themselves or somebody narrates to somebody else. If this has been explained directly, the impact would be better.

The good thing was: The bookplay. Back to back events. As this book is small, there was not much details. But in the next book, Sivakamiyin Sabatham, I liked a lot of things. Expect a post soon!!!