As I said earlier, Im Back!!!

As I have worked mainly with VMware (Not company.. Just the product :)), my examples will be mostly (or everything ???) based on that..

How will you create a VM now..
Create a new VM in VMware Workstation, Insert a DVD/CD, install OS on the newly created VM and start using it.

A few questions:

  • What if you want to distribute this VM to somebody else?
  • What if you want to install your product on top of this VM and distribute it?
  • How will you support the customer for their OS related issues?

The answer is SUSESTUDIO. (I am NOT advertising here. :)) Novell has come up with an innovative idea of creating virtual machines online using susestudio. You can select the packages you want to have in your distribution, (Obviously it will be a derivative of SuSE.), you can add some build time scripts, startup scripts, include your files. Susestudio will install the packages and build the VM for you and it will be ready to use immediately after you download it :). Also, You can create your own repository and include it in studio and ask it to get the packages from there.


  • Novell provides support for the OS you have created.
  • (The one I liked most) susestudio exposes web based APIs. So, you can make web calls to do the above mentioned steps.. Like, uploading your own files (overlay files), start/stop/remove builds and whatever you will require to automate your build process.(Yes.. I have automated my build script.)
  • Help.. In case you got any issues/doubts, you can login to IRC, find somebody and ask for help. Support is really amazing there…(Again Yes.. I have got a lot of support from studio developers.)

In studio, they provide a tab based interface. Like, Base OS selection, Software selection, Configuration, Build. To use the studio, you dont need any expertise. You can just click through and at the end create a build and you have your own linux distribution.

Links u need:
API Documentation
API Key (You need to authenticate with this key to make the web calls. Also, this will prevent others to tamper with your appliance).

Isn’t it kool? Leave your experiences with studio as comments.

Hope there will be more posts on Virtualization 🙂