First blog in this new year!!!

One thing I would like to make clear when writing a review, especially if it is a book or movie. I WILL NOT POST ANY SPOILERS. If at all you find any, please leave a comment, I’ll try to either remove it or create a spoiler section and move it there. 🙂 Because, I want you enjoy the thrill when YOU read/watch.

While reading Harry Potter books, I came across a site that revealed a REALLY BIG SUSPENSE in the story. So, when that suspense was revealed in the book, as I already knew it, the thrill I got was significantly less.
Reason for less: Rowling was so good that I could not believe what the site said.

Let me start.

Yesterday, I watched this movie. I didn’t had high expectations before starting this movie. Anoop (Mentioned in one of the old blogs,) told me that he had watched this and he liked it. And told me that I may not like it.

I started watching this movie. Seems like Anoop was right. I didn’t like it but I loved it :).

This movie has five chapters. The first chapter has the introduction of our antagonist. The next one is the intro of the protagonist. (Trying to improve my english by replacing the common words like villain and hero respectively :D) This movie talks about Jews and is set in World War II time frame. Jews, WW II time frame… Rings any bells??? Yes!! It is a fictional story with THAT character. (I’ll leave it for you to guess who THAT is!!). In both these chapters, they’ll show how ruthless they are. Yes!! They.. Both the protagonist and the antagonist. Watch the movie for more details. And the next three chapters, I don’t want to talk about. Then I might reveal some spoilers.

One thing is, you can really enjoy the movie if you are a fast reader. Yes.. Reader. Because, most of the dialogs are in French and German and those dialogs are subtitled.

Starting from the first chapter, they have maintained a tension throughout in the movie. There are some nail-biting sequences. (Full tension!!!) If at all I had nail biting habit, I would not have had to look for my nail cutter today and spend time cutting my nails. Also, there are some real cool jokes too. If you didn’t laugh (at least smile) at the bar scene, You are not at all a human being. The screenplay was good. And the climax, WOW!!! Simply AMAZING!!! (Masterpiece!! Watch the movie to know why I have mentioned masterpiece here :))

One of my all time favorites.
Verdict: Must Watch