A stinker after sometime…

Last week I went to SBI to open an account. I already have a joint account there for more than 4 years, but I wanted an individual one. For that, they asked me for address proof and ID proof. For ID proof, I gave PAN card and for address proof, since I don’t have a ration card, I decided to give my ICICI Credit Card statement.

First day I had a jovial talk with one of the staff and once she came to know that I am going to submit ICICI credit card statement, she said, you should use SBI credit cards. I should have realized then itself. As it was closing time, (I went late), I left.

The next day, one person verified my application and after that, he sent it to another senior person. Once he looked at the ICICI statement, he said, we don’t accept it. You can have this as an additional document. As he still haven’t found any strong reason to reject my application, he compared and found a minor difference and said, I am not going to accept it and tore off my photo from the form. Then I realized, he was not comparing these two. He was differentiating them!!! (Atleast, he didn’t say, this is a print out and this is hand written.)

I know that both banks are competitors. But never expected to be this much. If they are going to be like this, what is the difference between them and a racist!!

Will concerned people look into this??