Im back…

Just a few days back I completed reading Harry Potter series. I wanted to write immediately about this. But somehow it got postponed. Seems like it was waiting for NOW. πŸ™‚ No Spoilers. (I guess.) You can go ahead and read. If you found any spoilers, plz lemme know. I’ll correct them immediately.

The main story is like this. Harry’s parents are killed by Voldemort and he alone escapes miraculously. (How?? Is answered in the book) He is sent to his uncle’s house and there he spends his early life. Then he gets into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Then the story describes his adventures there and his encounters with Voldemort and what happens finally. Don’t come to conclusions about the climax now itself. Also, this is NOT a story in which Harry seeks his vengeance. Read the book to enjoy it πŸ™‚

This is very very crude way of telling the story. (Sorry Rowling for making your story so crude.)

Even though with this simple story, the screenplay, in our case it is the bookplay is amazing. (I got a red underline below bookplay. Seems like I have coined a new word :D)

For a reader, the heartbeat will be in this pattern. 72,72,72…., 80, 80, 80,…., 72, 72, 72,…, 85, 85, 85…
If you really want to enjoy the book, just imagine yourself as Harry. NOTE: THIS IS ONLY DURING READING THE BOOK. If your heartbeat didn’t follow that pattern even after imagining yourself as Harry, you better check with a doc. πŸ™‚
Really, my heart raced in all the books. Usually, before starting a new chapter, first I’ll check how many pages and then decide whether to read now or later. But in lot of places in the book, I didn’t even notice that a chapter has ended πŸ™‚

And about a few characters: (The artists selected [till Snape] for the below mentioned characters in the movie were perfect choice.)

Harry: A hero. What will we expect from a HERO who is a schoolboy? Very high scores in exams, No jealousy, Non egoistic, Rule obeying. Harry is none of these πŸ™‚ A mediocre student. Jealous but within a limit, Egoistic and never cares to obey the rules. In short, an ordinary boy as anybody else.

Ron: One of Harry’s very best friends. A bit of jealousy. But quite witty. In lot of cases, if you didn’t get (atleast) a smile while reading, you better quit reading πŸ™‚

Hermione: Another of Harry’s very best friends. Number one in the class. Always reads more than anybody else. Very inquisitive. Knows more magic than Harry. A very lovable character.

Snape: Harry’s least favorite teacher. Read the book for more details and you’ll know why Im asking to read more. πŸ™‚

Dumbledore: Headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry is his favorite student. A respectable gentleman.

Voldemort: The Villain. There is a chapter in Half blood Prince. On reading that itself, will make you realize how bad/ruthless he is.

Above all, its Rowling, who did the magic than anybody else :). I think she was born telling stories. I don’t know.. May he she might have studied psychology too. How people will feel and how others will react to that… Simply superb explanations. Quite a looooooooooot of twists and turns in the book. She has thought about all the characters and all the points in the story. I could not remember any looseends in the book. We’ll be thinking of something and it will turnout to be something else. And in some cases, I have had a few smiles when a character does as what I thought it should do.

I could not resist telling this:

  • In Goblet of fire, there will be a misunderstanding between Harry and Ron. After that Harry will feel left alone. Nobody is with him. But when they meet again, I felt really happy. My spirits went high πŸ™‚
  • And towards the end of Half blood prince, something really bad will happen. πŸ˜€ (I don’t want to reveal). I felt, how Harry is going to do it (fighting Voldemort)??
  • Some characters even I hated them. πŸ™‚ Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rita Skeeter and not to mention that Dolorus Umbridge.

I hesitated to start this book as I was expecting this book to be meant for children. I started the book first time. Read 2-3 pages with that thought. Then I got another book from a library and kept Harry Potter aside. After finishing that book, I started reading this. Once I finished a couple of chapters, I could not put it down and felt how I shouldn’t have kept it aside the first time :).

Even when I was reading, lot of people have told me “You still (Even at this age) read harry potter?”. I always say, “Read it and u’ll realize”.

This has almost everything. Fantasy, action, SUSPENSE (Really BIG BIG ONES), love, friendship, sadness, sacrifice, betrayal and the list goes on…

Who should read this book:

  • Any children above 10 (I guess this when they start understanding stories).
  • Any adult who has the child inside them active. I believe that every man/woman has a child inside their heart. (Scientifically it is mind. But, you know, we believe in heart more that mind.) As long as you remember that child and bring it out atleast once in a while, you will be young & happy like me. πŸ˜€

Few warnings:

  • If you are reading to get sleep at night, I WILL NOT recommend this.
  • If you have crossed around 50 pages and you are going to start a new chapter at night, DONT do it if you have to go to work in time the next day.
  • If you ask me whether I should watch the movie or read the book, my suggestion will be to read the book to ENJOY it. Watch the movie, just to pass time and Im sure you will NOT get the heartbeat pattern I have mentioned before.

Verdict: Must read πŸ™‚