Got this one through /.

Extract: …finding provides the first visual evidence that when a new memory is formed new proteins are made locally at the synapse – the connection between nerve cells – increasing the strength of the synaptic connection and reinforcing the memory…

So, now they have found out that a new protein is formed. Guess, what will be the next step??

  • Analyze more and find out the other ingredients for creating a long term memory.
  • Find out the composition of the ingredients for different subjects.
  • Prepare them artificially.
  • Inject into human after a looot of tests.
  • Market!!!

Recently there was a movie called Outlander. In this, the hero will come to earth from another planet and doesn’t know English. He’ll learn English on keeping an eye on a device he has brought and the story goes further and it is not relevant now!!!

In around 30-40 years, this may become possible 🙂 One good thing about this is, people don’t have to go to school and pay Lakhs together for getting admissions for 1st standard :D.