So far…

  • 59 matches in just about 35+ days among 8 teams.
  • Waiting eagerly for 4 PM IST or 8 PM IST or both. No breaks in between!!!
  • Discussions/Criticisms about cricket with friends!!!
  • Got reasons to run from office @ 5 PM πŸ™‚ (As if I am staying after 5 PM daily ;))

From now on…

  • Nothing to wait for !!! 😦
  • No big entertainment in the evenings !!!
  • No reasons to run from office @ 5 PM 😦

Another IPL just got over!!!

This time South Africa got the opportunity of hosting the IPL. Lets hope next time it will be in India. (Will try to watch at least one match in the stadium!!!)

Last season, it was the freshers who shined. But this time, it was the veterans who stole the show!!!

A few words about the biggies:
Warne : He is 39. Do I have to talk about his captaincy? Last season I saw him teaching the bowlers about how to bowl. This time he was teaching a young batsman about how to bat and it was towards the end of the match. The point to notice is, that really worked. If allowed, this man would have taken a white board and start teaching more to his team mates on the field itself. πŸ™‚ Simply GREAT!!!
Jumbo Anil Kumble : This man is 38. Proved especially in the first and last matches that he is still in touch. Very good captaincy that brought the Royal Challengers to finals. Big wickets at the right time. Still a nightmare for batsmen.
Gilly : Played like a Ghilli (In TamilNadu, there is a game Ghilli dhaandu. Considered to be the mother of Cricket. One person will throw a small stick, ghilli, and the other will strike it with a long one, dhaandu.). Amazing game by this man. I guess, he is 37 for the records.. may be some mistakes in them.. Played like as if he is in his twenties. One of the main reasons for Deccan to snatch the trophy.
Haydos : Another 37 aged.. Orange cap winner. Even though he didn’t play for around 3 matches, he was way ahead of the 2nd highest scorer in the series. He is the main reason for Chennai to get into the semis…

Memorable moment : Knight Riders were batting. Ganguly and another young batsman were in the field. Ganguly has scored around 42. And they had a chance to win. He was asking the other batsman not to play rash shots. But, that guy was not listening and got out playing a rash shot. At that time, I don’t know whether that other player felt bad or not, Ganguly felt a lot worse that anybody else. This shows the desperation of Ganguly to win a match. Though he warned, the other didn’t listen.

Great Disappointments :
Albie Morkel (as a batsman): He was convincing as a bowler. I feel that was the main reason he was kept in the team. Last time, he has set an impression that he is a very good middle order batsman. So, with the same expectation, I started to watch his innings. I thought he will be sending the ball out of the grounds. But it didn’t happen. May be, he is concentrating more on bowling than batting.
Glenn McGrath : OOps!!! He didn’t play even a single match. That itself was disappointing. Person to blame : Sehwag.
McCullum : This man could not explode much.. Whenever he started, he was sent back to pavilion. Lets hope he does something big in the next season. Pressure of responsibility???
Symonds (Apart from his batting/fielding) : I saw him sledging Manish Pandey (Played for Bangalore and scored an unbeaten 114). Harsha Bhogle was commenting (as if talking to Symonds) “You got to find a person of your size. He is just a kid.”
Rameez Raja : Yup!!! The commentator. He joined late in the series. Seems like he is in league with Symonds. A few excerpts of his comments:
About Praveen Kumar : I think he knows the difference between left hand batsmen and right hand batsmen.
About Uthappa : (When the batsman hit the ball, it hit the ground, doubtful, and raised. Uthappa didn’t catch it. Rameez was discussing with the other commentator.) I think the ball hit the ground. It is Uthappa! It must be a catch missed. (I don’t remember the exact statement he made. But, this is the abstract.)
Rameez!!! This is not good for a commentator. Watch out!!!

About the teams :
Kolkatta Knight Riders : One thing to mention is, they didn’t surrender completely to the other teams. So, we cannot say this is a weak team. Another issue is a maximum of only one batsman was scoring better in any of the match. As all the others were getting out fast and this batsman has to try big shots soon and ultimately he too gets out. Something was not right in the team. If a little part of that something was right, they would not have lost all those close matches. Is it their coach or owner???
Mumbai Indians : Even though they started off well, they could not maintain it. Looking at the way they started, I thought they will be qualified for semis. But…
Rajasthan Royals : Toooo much of dependency on two men. Yusuf Pathan and Greame Smith. That was their problem. With this kind of pressure on them, these two men could not perform well.
Kings XI Punjab : I guess, the middle order didn’t click. Sangakkara was good. And I guess the injury of Jayawardhana was a set back to them.
Delhi Daredevils : They were at the top till the end of all the leagues. Their bowling was not good at the semis. Also, their opening didn’t perform as expected. Is Gambhir loosing his form???
Chennai Super kings : The middle order was not so good as it looked. Morkel, Flintoff were not in form. Dhoni too didn’t bat as expected. Later even when Mike Hussey came, Dhoni didn’t take him in the team. Donno why!!! Ntini was not given any opportunity… Comparitively, loooooooooooooooooot of misfields, drop catches!!!
Royal Challengers : Though they didn’t had a very good start, they came back hard later. Ross Taylor and Jack Kallis made wonderful knocks when required and obviously, captaincy by Kumble!!!
Deccan Chargers : The defending champions. Last season they were at the bottom of the table. Now, champions. Thanks to Rohit Sharma, Symonds, Dwayne Smith, Ojha and RP Singh.

Another point that I noted in this series: Whenever a bowler got a wicket he says “F#%$” or a derivative of that word. (I guess I read their lips properly!!!) Donno why they are so much obsessed with that word. Seems like there should be a censor board in the fields to prevent these. (May be umpires can take over this responsibility.)

Strategical Time Out
For me, it seems like it reduces the intensity of the game. Because, the batsmen knows that there is going to be a break and starts playing extra carefully. (Not all of them. Some are still firing even at the last ball before the time out.) Being more cautious, sometimes, leads them to get out, reduces the scoring rate. Also, as their concentration looses, quite a number of wickets fell immediately after the time out.
For the channel, they split the 450 seconds to something close to this (Most of the times this holds true):

  • 150 seconds for Commercials
  • 140 seconds for some donations (another kind of advertisement) / chatting with the players who are supposed to be discussing the strategy. (This shows how much it is required)
  • 150 seconds for Commercials
  • 10 seconds before the match

Apart from all the issues, IPL was quite entertaining. After this got over, now I feel very bored in the evenings. Now I realize the amount of entertainment it provided.

Have to wait for one more year for IPL Season 3 to watch (hopefully) an intriguing/nail biting/…/… series. Hope they wont schedule two matches on week days!!! Otherwise, have to keep on refreshing cricinfo from office πŸ˜‰ and have to loose track of the match while returning home. Especially when Chennai is batting. (Yup!!! I am a Chennai Super Kings supporter.)

Disclaimer: I haven’t watched all the 59 matches. Watched around 30-35 matches. And all the comments are based on them.

These are totally my OWN views about this IPL. Not to hurt anybody. Just to express my views and bring out the negatives I could observe.

If you feel like, leave a comment.