Movie Review after some time.

In the previous post, I have mentioned that I went to my native to attend my friend’s marriage. After that, me with my best friends (Krishnan and Murali) decided to go to a movie. We came to know that “Yavarum Nalam” is a good movie of the recently released ones. This is being showed on a theater that was recently refurnished. Also, its looooooooooooooong time (almost more than 5 years. Only now I realize this.) since we watched a movie together.

Theater was well furnished. The sound effects were much better than it was previously. The chairs were good. It was the 2nd day after release of this movie. There was no crowd at all. Maximum of 100 people in the theater and also because of this being a thriller movie.

I WONT REVEAL the suspense of the movie. You can go ahead and read it.

Madhavan aka. Maddy and his brother will buy a new house and start living there. They will get a cable connection in the new house. The ladies in his family will start watching a mega serial. (Typical Indian home makers.) The events in the serial will follow them in the real life. ie. His brother getting promotion, his sister passing in exams and some bad things. Watch the movie for the complete list. Initially some minor bad things will happen which he wont notice. (Yes!!! It is an unwritten rule in Tamil Cinema that ONLY the hero has to notice such things and nobody else). But later, as things becomes worse, he will start looking for the relation between that TV Serial and his family. Why does it happen? Who is responsible for all these bad events?? For answers go and watch the movie in a theater. No torrentz or DVDs :).

The main theme of using the TV, I think they have got it from “The Ring” movie.

The way they show the initial credits in the movie itself is good. From each slide, they will construct a 13. First half of the movie is good. 2nd half is really good. This is the first thriller movie in Tamil (as far as I know) without any stupid make ups to represent ghosts. (Yes. This is a Ghost movie. ) Also to our relief, there are only 2 songs in the movie.

Apart from a few logical mistakes like,

  • Tamil text in “The Hindu” news paper
  • Why does THAT PERSON take THAT from there to ALL the way THERE to do THAT. (HEE HEE!!! Climax of the movie. So, I think this the most detailed explanation, I can think of, without revealing the suspense 😀).

the movie is quite enjoyable.