Another stinker!!! I don’t want to write stinkers. But 😦

Some basic info:
SETC is acronym of State Express Transport Corporation run by TamilNadu Government. SETC provides long distance public transit or public transportation in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

Recently, I went to my native to attend my friend’s marriage. I used SETC for traveling. Usually for long distance the drivers stops the bus in some Drive-In hotel on the way. I had to leave around 5:15 in the evening. So, I decided to have dinner in that drive in hotel. But the hotel they stopped was HORRIBLE. They had very limited variety and the food was expensive for that kind food. (So that you can reduce weight.) But, the driver and the conductor went to a separate room in that hotel and I assume that they would have got some good food at free of cost. (Why should they eat your junk food??)

Why we have to pay for such bad food??? They can stop at some decent hotels where we can get good food.

And on my journey back, our driver went a step ahead. He didn’t even stopped for food. (He didn’t want you to have bad food.) I happen to hear the conductor talking on his cell phone, that they have forgotten to stop the bus at the particular hotel. (Overheard???) So, they stopped in a city bus stand around 10:30 PM. It is almost closing time for 90% of the hotels. And the conductor asked us to come back in 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes time, we have to find a hotel, order food, get it prepared and eat it and come back to bus. (Do things fast. You lazy fellow!!!) There were no hotels found open nearby. I don’t think anybody in our bus knows that area. So, most of the passengers were forced to skip their dinner. Some guys went in search of hotels, had food and came back after 20 minutes. The conductor was shouting at them for being late.

I don’t know how people forget to stop for food. I could not find a complaint box in that bus too. It is a different issue that any complaints in that box will not have any effect. (The Government is cutting unwanted cost.)

I don’t know who selects the drive in hotels to stop. The Government should select the list of hotels with decent food and nominal price. Or let them start new hotels. Whenever I face such situations, I will think, what if there was a Minister instead of me in that place.

We pay all the taxes we can. As everybody knows, we are the employers and they are our employees. We treat them with much respect and dignity. They don’t realize this. They think they are doing some service for us.

I know there are rules for the government employees too. But, they are not at the reach of a common man. In other words, we (the employers) don’t know what are the restrictions of the government employees (our employees). 😀 Like what they are supposed to do and more importantly, what they are NOT supposed to do. I am sure that 99.99% of the people don’t know our rights. People needs to be educated. If the government thinks it is dangerous for them, SCREW THEM. This is not only for SETC. But this is applicable for almost every department of Government.

This post is about one of the million problems we face in our daily life. Will the government take necessary to stop these kind of things happening???