I was using fedora for quite a long time. So, thought of using some other distro. And decided to use Ubuntu 8.10 x86_64 (Opens new window/tab) on my home PC.
Whenever I have to type more than 2 numbers, my hand automatically goes to number pad. (I guess most of us do this way.) When I tried (had to search for a bug in bugzilla. Believe me!!! Sometimes I WORK from home.), the numbers were not getting printed. Tried toggling the numlock key (Time to say Sorry to my Numlock Key!!! 🙂 ). No use. Then tried in kwrite. Then I noticed my mouse pointer moved when I typed something. One more time, Google helped me with this link (Opens new window/tab).

To repeat:

  • Start Menu
  • System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
  • Mouse Keys (tab)
  • Uncheck “Pointer can be controlled by using the keypad”

You can try typing some sample text in the box provided in that tab.