Recently, I got a chance to watch this movie. “Life is Beautiful”. It is an Italian movie. But I watched the English version of it. Really Amazing movie!!!

The story goes like this. (Obviously I won’t reveal the climax. You can go ahead and read.)

Our hero (Guido), a jew (does it ring any bells in your head??), falls in love with the heroine (Dora), non jew. (She happens to be his actual wife). She also starts loving him because of his funny activities and the surprises he gives to her. (Obviously!!!) Then she gets engaged to another guy. On the day of the engagement, our hero takes her away and marries her. (In the way Prithviraj took away Samyuktha. People who dont know these two, plz Google.) After a few years, they have a son (Joshua) and they are living happily. (This is definitely not the end) Till this part, this movie is funny and enjoyable. The following part is interesting.

One day, some german soldiers takes Guido and Joshua to the Nazi camp. Dora joins them saying that she wants to be with her family. Guido convinces Joshua that, it is just a game and the winner will get a real tank once they score 1000 points. He takes all the steps to make him believe so. Did the family come out of the camp is the remaining story.

One day in the camp, Joshua says that he wants to go home. The way Guido convinces him to remain there is really amazing. (I really loved this scene). Till the end, Guido makes sure that his son never feels the pressure in the camp.

I liked the artist selection for Guido and Joshua. Really fit for this movie. One of the must watch/have movies.