I was eagerly waiting for the release of Firefox 3.0. I haven’t tried the RCs so that I won’t miss excitement of the new stable release. The default theme has been drastically changed.

Some Cool features – Really Surprised me!!!

  • When typing in the address bar, it searches (any part of the text) in the page titles also. Kool one!!!
  • Prompting for remembering passwords, now instead of a message box, they are using a pop-up at the top. This doesn’t block the navigation too.
  • There is an option to “Undo Close tab”. This opens the previously closed tab. Just by mistake if anybody closed a tab, this will be of great use.
  • One more coolest thing is in the screenshot:

Firefox Config Tab

Really funny!!! as well as implicating the seriousness.

Recently I heard a news from bbspot that M$ is going dump IE and adopt Firefox. Later heard that this site posts some technologically interesting FAKE news. Now I feel that, M$ better do it 🙂