I don’t understand my blogging pattern. Either I don’t blog for a loooong time or write blogs back to back. šŸ™‚

This post is about a story I read recently. “He Who Shrank”. I heard that Isaac Asimov’s books are really good. So went to a shop and searched for his books and got a book with a collection of short stories from different authors. This story by Henry Hasse, is one among them.

Why a review suddenly? The concept of this story was really amazing. It is highly probable. But unimaginable.

The story goes on like this: There will be a scientist. He will create a solution (liquid). When this is injected to a person, he will keep on shrinking. (Wondering what made him to create such a solution??? If you expect it is for money or power, Sorry!!!) And the scientist will inject it to his assistant (Poor guy!!!). He will keep on shrinking and travel to other worlds. (How come he can travel to other worlds while he is shrinking? If this is your question, you have to wait :)) He wont do much there. Just traveling.. traveling.. traveling…

So answers for the questions: If you get the answer to the first question, you get it for the second too!!!

The reason the scientist created such a solution is: The sun is the center of the galaxy. All the planets are revolving around it. (As if nobody knows.) Similarly, nucleus is the center of an atom and all the electrons are revolving around the nucleus. There exists millions of galaxies. There are millions of atoms too. Atoms forms molecules. Molecules forms matter/object. (Cummon Mani!!! Come to the point.)

So, why not earth be such an electron and that electron is a part of a HUGE object and that in turn an atom of a MASSIVE object? (Sit back and think over it).

So the assistant will go into an electron and FINDS LIFES there :). There too he will find oceans, trees, animals, human beings…. At first, it was difficult for me to digest this. But when I compared earth to electrons, I could understand it. In that world, as he is steadily shrinking, he will enter another electron in that world and so on and so forth.

Who knows??? Whether such a world exists on whatever objects we see :). I think that is why people say: “Don’t do wrong things. There is somebody always watching you” šŸ˜€