Cummon man!!! How many stinkers would I write??? Third in a row. Week of stinkers??? Like Week of Action (அதிரடி வாரம்) , Week of Love (காதல் வாரம்), Week of Ghosts (பேய் வாரம்) in Sun TV sometime back. Hope I wont write anymore stinkers at least for now.

Last night there was a program (I don’t remember the name) in NDTV 24X7. But it got finished at 11 PM. Just browsing through the channels. Usually I wont watch news channels but got interested as they were discussing about the Bhajji issues. The anchor (I don’t remember her name) called a person called “Suresh Menon”, an actor and comedian. Not Revathi Menon’s husband. He was talking and it was humorous. They started talking about Why Yuvi and Dhoni are getting out soon.

Then the anchor asked him, Why are you making fun of only Indians? Why not Australians? (Is it necessary??)
I thought he would genuinely say I wont do that. But to my surprise, he started doing it. He started making faces like Ponting, Symonds, Michael Clarke, and Hogg. Then he said, If Shreesant was there, it would have been a fun watching two monkeys fight. He said the names tooo as Shreesant and Symonds.

Kushwant Singh has said that “A good joke is to make fun of self”. In that respect, I would say he has all rights to make fun of Indians but NOT AUSTRALIANS. Whatever Aussies have done.That too in a media watched by millions of people and at this state of mind.

A media should know their responsibilities. Without that, whatever they do and whatever cause it is for, it will be waste.