One more stinker??? Give me a break yaar!!! Its not good to start a new year with these many stinkers. 😦

Bhajji was claimed a racist, because he called Andrew Symonds a “Monkey”, by the ICC. If Monkey is called racism what does B&$!#%D called. A blessing??? Hogg used this word in the final day of the test match.

Do we have to call Bhajji a racist and Hogg as St. Brad Hogg.???
Should Bhajji be banned for 3 tests and should we erect a statue for Hogg???

Nobody might have forgotten the celebration of Bhajji, after taking the wicket of Ponting. He rolled on the ground just like a monkey. In India, some people use monkeys, to entertain people, on the roadside by making them roll just the way Bhajji did. I don’t know about other countries. If Bhajji has thought monkey will mean racism, he would not have rolled like that in front of thousands of people in the stadium and millions of people around the world watching him on TV.

And about the verdict, everybody agrees it is against Bhajji. Me too. Even to put in another way, it is in favor of Australia. Without proper proof, they have accused Bhajji.

They wanted the record of Steve Waugh to be broken.
They were in a weak position in the first innings.
With some umpiring decisions on their side, they got to score a pretty decent one in the first innings.
India has proved them that they didn’t win them in 20-20 world cup by luck, but by their talents in the match held in Mumbai, and it became a threat to Australia.

They found out the danger man in the team, who has the habit of taking Ponting’s wicket. (Read this phrase from a cricket site). So Bhajji was selected and being screwed now.

Should India come back? I don’t think so. These kind of things (except the verdict) happen in most of the cricket games. Lot of people are making this a big issue. Involving Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Nation’s pride and who knows what else. I would say, ICC should not stop the ban on Bhajji, they should REVOKE it.

Let us not forgot what happened in the 20-20 between India and England after the exchange of few words between Yuvi and Flintoff.

Cummon India!!! You can do it.

Please note that, When I mean Australia/ Aussies in this and my previous posts, I only mean the Australian Cricket team (11 members) and NOBODY else.