I didn’t wanted my first blog of this year to be a stinker. But, what to do?? Could not resist.

I never played cricket. But very much interested in watching matches, specifically this one as this is being played after a very bad loss with Ausi in the previous test match. Very eager to watch the results.

Till 2nd Jan 2008, I was hoping the following things about cricket.
*) Each team will have 11 players
*) The umpires will be physically fit, without any physical disabilities.

But after this match, I found out that,
*) It was a match in which 14 Aussies played against 11 Indians
*) The umpires (both in the fields as well as the third umpire) are physically challenged.

In the match, there was eight incorrect decisions made.
*) Andrew Symonds was given not out thrice. (2 Stumping and 1 catch.)
The catch was because of a nick by Symonds and it was held by Dhoni. Everybody but Buckner heard it.
The next was a stumping. Buckner referred to the third umpire. But Symond’s leg was still in air. But he didn’t give out.
Another one stumping. Buckner didn’t even go to 3rd umpire.

Note: Buckner is infamous for giving a lot of incorrect decisions that too against Sachin.

*) Then comes Ponting.
He also had a nick. Again everybody but Benson heard it.
And later there was an appeal for lbw. Here Ponting had an inside edge but was given out. The only one decision against Australia. Benson compensates.

*) Next was Jaffer getting bowled by Lee. It was a no ball. But it is still controversial. Not enough replays played. 😦

*) Then comes “The Great Wall of India”. Dravid. Another appeal for catch because of a nick. This time, his bat was hiding well behind his legs. The ball has nicked his pads. But was given out. Again Buckner did it.

*) Then comes Ganguly. He did a very good come back after his worse elimination from team in 2005, I think. This was a very very controversial catch taken by Michael Clarke. The ball has hit the ground when he picked it up, and while he was rolling, the ball seems to touch the ground. For this, Benson thought of asking third umpire, Ponting. OOps… He turned out to be the Ausi’s captain. I don’t know when Ausi’s captain became the 3rd umpire. He said it was out and Ganguly was given out. Benson didn’t even looked at Buckner or the real third umpire.

The last three decisions were given on the last day of the match. Since Jaffer’s wicket was not proved, we’ll take it as out. If, at least any of the other two decisions were right on the last day, India would have definitely saved the match and broken Ausi’s record.

One more thing to note is, Michael Clarke getting out. He had an outside edge and Dravid at first slip took the catch. Clarke was waiting for long time for the decision from Umpire Benson. Only after he has given out, he left the field.

Another one is an appeal for Dhoni. While taking the catch, Ponting got up by pushing the ball to the ground and there was a very loud appeal. When the umpire didn’t give out, his expression changed a loooot.

After seeing this, I felt something like, Is there anything fishy going between the Aussies and the umpires to make/break a record???

After the match is over, there was an interview with Kumble. He took all the blame on him and his boys. He said, we could have played well and didn’t blame the umpires. He played a very responsible game till the end with an unbeaten 45. Very good fighting spirits.

Few months back, I think it was in a 20-20, India was chasing. Murali Karthik was batting. He had a nick almost by the end of the game, almost 7th or 8th wicket partnership was going on, and was not given out. India won the match and it is also because of Murali Karthik. Even 1 decision turns the result of the match. But here, it was almost 7 against India.

We cannot expect players to be always honest. Coz, they want to be in the field or wants the opponent to get out. It is not wrong. But the people who makes the judgment should be alert always. Even if they have a slightest doubt or not clear about something, they should seek help.

What can be done about this? The batsmen should be able to contact the third umpire in case they have a doubt and the fielders should go through the captain. I agree that this will increase the time duration. But will help in making better judgments. and avoid these kind of bad losses.

பூப்பந்தை யாரும் நீரில் பொத்திதான் வெச்சாலும் பந்து வரும் தண்ணி மேல தான்!!! (a line in a song from Chandramukhi) -> means, if u keep a flower ball inside deep water, it will anyways come up.

India will be back.
Chak De India 🙂