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KISS -> Keep It Simple and Stupid

Tonnes and tonnes of internet sites are based on VERY VERY simple ideas. To name a few,

Somebody might have thought of missing their bookmarks when they go out of home/office, or format their machine. Then they might have really WORKED, (not like me ;)) and came up with delicious. I am a big fan of this one.

Another one is flickr. They thought of sharing photos among people. Really good idea. But one of the things I didn’t like about this is, they are limiting the uploads per month. Otherwise, it is good.

One more site is orkut. This was developed as a part time project by a Google employee. Now some of the people I know, don’t know what to do if orkut is down. Thank god, I am not yet an addict to orkut πŸ™‚

These are developed based on simple ideas. But only simplicity is not enough. The core idea may be simple one. But IT SHOULD EVOLVE over time. Otherwise it will be considered as junk and will be directly sent to trash can over a period of time.

Heard about other incidents.

There were 2 countries sending people to space. The problem they had is they could not carry a pen. The ink got leak. So to avoid that one country spent enormous amount of money and came out with a solution. The other country decided to carry a PENCIL. πŸ˜€

One more event is like, In two production (I am not sure about what is their product) companies, they were packing their product mechanically. Due to some problem with the packing machine, they had a lot of empty boxes coming out of the packing machine. One company spent a BIG money for a research to measure the weight of the boxes and trying to eliminate the empty ones. The other company used a FAN at the exit point of the packing machine. Toooo simple na…

Most of the problems will have a simple solution. The way we approach the problem, decides the effectiveness of the solution. Should not think in only one way. Have to keep our eyes and ears open.