After a loooooooong time :)Recently I installed Adobe Reader 7.0.8 on my Fedora 6. There is a known bug with this release of Adobe Reader. “expr: syntax error”. As usual, I googled for the solution and fixed it by changing a couple of lines. But still, adobe reader didn’t open. Whenever i start, it terminated. No error messages. No windows :(Later I came across this link. It instructed me to export a variable. Habbaaadaaaa…. Atlast, it is working now.

When i started my career 2 yrs back, before each release, my Manager always ask the testers to do some smoke test and stop us from touching the code (even adding comments). At those times, i felt like, why he is doing this!!! Now I understand the complete reason. No bug should creep while doing even a minor change. Especially, when a product is released to thousands/millions of people, we should take some extra care. Otherwise, it will affect the customer b’coz, he has to spend some sleepless nights trying to fix, and this in turn affects the manufacturer.