Lately (2 days back) I got the Mandriva DVD from one of my friend. I was fascinated with the 3D effects it provides and installed in my machine. I faced a lot of issues.

1) Gaim – I was chatting with my friend. In the middle, i opened another window and started reading something. After a couple of minutes, when i saw the chat window a whole bunch of messages were waiting for me. He was about to scold me. I was NOT NOTIFIED about any new messages. Felt really bad 😦

2) The X server crashes when i try to login for the second time. Seems like X server is not yet stable… im not sure. When I switch between the virtual consoles also, sometimes it crashes.

3) I installed netbeans. After installation when i attempted to start it, i could see only the netbeans window without any contents inside it. No menus, nothing. The reason being, AIGLX conflicts with netbeans. When I disabled the 3D effects, it launched fine.

4) I dont think Mandriva has to advertise that their linux is Free throughout from the booting screen to login screen, KDE start menu. It is really annoying…