Today I SHIFT + Deleted all my mails from Outlook 2000 by mistake. I somewhere read that there is a way to recover the deleted mails. I Gooooooogled for sometime and I got a page that told me how to retrieve SHIFT + Deleted mails. As per that, I did the following steps.

  • I downloaded XVI32 and Hexadecimal editor.
  • Opened the “Personal Folders.pst” file with that.
  • Replaced some characters with space and saved the file. (Corrupted the existing pst file. Hopefully the headers)
  • Ran “scanpst.exe” on that file. (Comes with Windows. Recovers a corrupted pst file.)
  • Started outlook.

Wooooooooooooooooooooow…. All my mails were back in my Inbox.