I am staying in Bangalore for the past 1 year and travelling in BMTC frequently for the past 6 months. I can count the number of times I got tickets from the conductors when I am going to office. My bus fare is Rs 3. When I give the amount, they will return me Re. 1. without giving me the ticket. Whenever I ask for ticket, the conductors will shake their head in such a way that it is not a problem. Or they will murmer something. (It is obvious that they are non-parlimentary). Since I don’t know Kannada, I am unable to argue with them for getting the ticket. Luckily???? or Unluckily checking inspectors never came into the busses at these times.Lets do a simple calculation….

Assume that a conductor gets a minimum of Rs. 60/- like this per day and there are 50 such conductors.
So the Govt. looses Rs 3000/- per day and for a month it is Rs. 90,000/-.

I am sure that the above amount is definitely less than the original amount. This money can be saved and the bus fare can be reduced a bit which will be helpful for thousands of people travelling allover Bangalore.

Will concerned people look into this??????